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17 days United States (driving Seattle - San Francisco - Highway One - Los Angeles - Death Valley - Las Vegas)

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  • The time of departure/The 2015-12-26
  • Travel days/17 days
  • figure/And friends
  • The per capita cost/15000RMB


day 1, New York,-In Seattle,
day 2, In Seattle,
day 3, In Seattle,
day 4, In Seattle,-San Francisco
day 5, San Francisco
day 6, San Francisco-Marina(A highway)
day 7, Marina-San Simeon(A highway)
day 8, San Simeon-Santa Barbara(A highway)
day 9, Santa Barbara-Los Angeles,
day 10, Los Angeles,
day 11, Los Angeles,
day 12, Los Angeles,
day 13, Los Angeles,- death valley
Day 14, death valley
day 15, Las Vegas,
day 16, Las Vegas,
day 17, Las Vegas,-New York,

About car rental (dry)

The United StatesCar rentalThe company a lot of, the famous enterprise,hertz、Alamo、avisAnd so on, the price is different.
There are domestic driver's best friend in ChineseCar rentalOn the websiteCar rental, the price is better than inThe United StatesWebsite much cheaper, and more choice.A driver's license in ChinaWashington state, California,NevadaCan be used.A line of six of us, in ChineseCar rentalRent a car web siteAlamoThe Chrysler jail, prices in directlyAlamoWebsite rent nearly 40% cheaper.
At the counterTake the carWhen the staff can recommend different insurance, you can choose according to their needs.Usually have to fully cover all scratches, collision, the car stolen, personal injury insurance, the price is not expensive.
In another placeThe car alsoThe fee is very high, we are inSan FranciscoCar rentalIn theLas Vegas,The car alsoThe long distanceThe car alsoFees as high as more than 300 knife.So can arrange Tours, as far as possible in the same placeThe car alsoThe best.
GPS renting fee is very high, the best built-in GPS, or adequate flow of 4 g mobile phone to navigate.
Parking in the parking lot, must see the payment rules, is to pay or come out of time to pay.Otherwise it's easy to eat a ticket.

Day 1 - Seattle, New York

toIn Seattle,Already ten o 'clock at night, in a hurryAlamoThe counter of the car, straight to the hotel.
theairbnbVery good.A good night's sleep, ready to start the second day of the journey.

Day 2 park plaza, space needle

Pike place market isIn Seattle,City, a famous cultural tourist attractions.Here not only has characteristics of fish market, gum wall, but also the birthplace of global starbucks brand.
Pike place market, has now developed into an important tourist destination, 200 commercial activities every year, on 190 kinds of handicrafts, to set up 120 agricultural stalls and street entertainers, assorted to attract visitors from all directions.
Up late, to the park plaza already noon, straight to eating area
Restaurant named The Crab Pot, located in The seaside, can see directly from The insideIn Seattle,The ferris wheel

Meal, began in the pike place market, of course, want to go to the first starbucks store in the world
Because it rained that day, the lines are not many, only more than ten minutes to go in.It is said that when the peak season to be more than an hour in line.

House number

The shop assistants handsome little elder brother

Uncle pike place market joint guitar singing

Chewing gum wall
In Seattle,Gum wall from the theatre of the market has an odd tradition, in the 90 s, tourists started waiting in line to get their chewing gum stuck on the wall, over time, this picture this wall becomes.At first the theatre staff had tried to scrape the gum, restore clean metope, but people stick gum behavior, cleaning all ended in failure.In 1999, local officials announced just the wall became a formal "tourist attraction".
Now that the wall has become a famous tourist sites, warm welcome by the teenagers of the art of love, attract many visitors take photos as a souvenir.People also constantly adhering to the wall, the coin others made handicrafts sell chewing gum.

Dense phobia

Restaurant dinner, oyster

After dinner, straight toIn Seattle,Landmark Space Needle
In the SpaceNeedle overlookingIn Seattle,The city at night

Day 2 cary park pavilion - music experience

Cary park is actually a viewing platform.Here's point of view is very good, you can seeIn Seattle,City view as well as the space needle, can also be seen in good weather Rainier in snow mountain in the distance
It is a pity,In Seattle,Not the kui is the rainy city, we in the three days in the rain...

Music experience.There are all kinds of music experience.One project is very interesting, you can be in a pretended to be performing on the stage with a music, then staff performance video with music that you get the DVD, deserve to go up and some of the visual effects, shape of MV concert live footage.

Day 4 fisherman's wharf - the golden gate bridge in San Francisco

inSan FranciscoStill on the first day of bad luck, just began the misty rain, later became the pouring rain.ourThe golden gateThe trip to the bridge had to forget about it.

Fisherman's wharf of seals

Quick glance in the rainThe golden gateThe bridge

The rain glance transamerica pyramid

Though it was raining during the day, butSan FranciscoThe night is ok

Day 5 golden gate bridge - Stanford university - a highway

toSan FranciscoThe next day, finally ushered in the collection of good weather.Cloudless, are calm.So we drove to againThe golden gateThe bridge

At Stanford university,

Los Angeles,

After visiting the Stanford university, is already three o 'clock in the afternoon.We had our lunch at McDonald's in a hurry, drove toA highwayAnd open the formal beauty of the westdriveThe trip!

Pigeon point lighthouse.Wanted to arrive to pigeon point lighthouse, watch the sunset, but more than ten minutes late, what a shame!

Day 7 a highway (Marina - San Simeon)

The second day early in the morning came to the seaside, the scenery is really beautiful.

The town of Monterey fisherman's wharf

"17 miles scenic area is located in Monterey (Monterey).Scenery beautiful monterey peninsula is known as a master of the world's land, sea, blue sky, and is recognized as the ideal holiday resort.The 17 miles is one of the essence.Blue sky, flowers, rocks, everywhere a squirrel, seabirds and seals, cliffs, age-old conifers, 17 miles form the charming picture scroll.

Give Chrysler a advertising

Carmel town, a place very literature and art

Grandpa a walk the dog on the beach

Day 8 a highway (San Simeon - Santa Barbara)

Walrus beach, near the San Simeon

Literature and artThe DanishSmall town

Day 9 a highway (Santa Barbara - Los Angeles)

Los Angeles,Avenue of stars, was hoping to speak to zhao wei and huang xiaoming hand, helplessChinaThe entrance that have been sealed up, had to forget about it

Los Angeles,

Due to scheduling, left the hotel on the night.So a temporaryairbnb, there's no two ways about it, just went to a downtown humble room transformed from abandoned factories.We spent the night nervously inside

Day 10-12 universal studios - the lakers game - Disneyland

Los Angeles,Ten days of rain a year, as it happens is we caught up with two days.This trip is really bring rain function, we go to where to where.
The first day of the Universal Studio

Want to go to the harry potter theme park is still under construction

Has the heavy rain the next day, watching the rain completely is summer the downpour.We have only curtilage in the home, can not go to where.Finally it doesn't rain in the evening, went to the staples center to see the lakers VS warriors game

Especially want to amwayLos Angeles,The two restaurants in the home, a company called Spicy City, another callchengdu.Really the conscience of the restaurant, food volume special foot, and is not expensive, plus tips to less than $20 per capita.As a nativechengduMan, I can say for sure the taste of the two restaurants onchengduCan also be higher than the average level of restaurant.inNew York,We never eat authentic sichuan food, I have the two restaurants had five.

Day 13 Los Angeles - death valley

Finally, the tastechengduAfter eating lunch, drive to death valley hotel.Five hours' drive.We forgot to check the oil, as a result, there was no oil to get on the bus halfway.Well there is a small rural, near 20 minutes so we can't go to the gas station in the village to meet oil.

Check in the hotel at night.There is already a Nevada border, so below the hotel also has a casino.

Day 14 death valley

Death valley view is so magnificent, so desolate.Temperature difference between day and night here is great, the day the sun is very fierce, it's easy to thirsty, so be sure to bring enough water.And death valley national park is too big, not a three or four days to see everything.Depth of so, if you want to visit death valley, must prepare the sufficient time.One more thing, there is no car is impassable, and must have high car chassis, it is bestpickupOr off-road vehicles and so on.Because some of the scenic road difficult to walk, the slippage of the ordinary vehicle chassis and easily.We just because the car is not good enough and was forced to give up some scenic spots.

Saline-alkali land

Day 15 to 16 in Las Vegas

Two hours drive from death valley to the "sin city"Las Vegas,.Inside the hotel here, there is a casino, better inside the hotel also brings together shopping street, cinemas, theatres, etc., is one of the urban context.

One of the most famous fountains hotel

A fountain inside the casino hotel

In Paris,The hotel


Las Vegas,The night scene.In the true sense of the city that never sleeps

toLas Vegas,, must do is to eat a buffet dinner Buffets.The more expensive kind of hotel, such as fountains hotel, Caesar palace,In Paris,The hotel,New York,Hotels, etc., have a buffet, a price at around $50 per capita.We go to Caesar's palace Buffets, is said to be open by Daniel wu's father-in-law.It tastes really good, king crab to eat casually, but can't eat as much as full.