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Driving US West (Oregon & California & Washington)

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This article mentioned halma:Disney,At Stanford university,,San Diego sea world,Yosemite,(Denmark village Solvang),Hearst castle,Columbia valley,The bridge in yunnan garden,Welcome pavilion,Red pepper hunan museum (Ba Ren Corporation)

For the sake of the family to JuneThe United StatesVisit and, incidentally,driveTake great pains west to swim, I was.Start preparing as early as six months ago, eventually chose in June the temperature is appropriate, flowers blooming season came, the choice has become my one of the most satisfied with the decision on this trip.Due to thePortlandTo study abroad two years of experience, toOregonStates, California andWashington stateQuite has the understanding of tourism, and leave the tour of the good memories and hope and promise for girlfriends to help her write a strategy.I began to edit photos and memories all travel details of a long journey.My elder sister indriveThe entire 24 days after the end of a deep sigh a way: "it's a pity that time is too short.Compared to her at home - not out of character, let me have a little proud.
This strategy is suitable for the intended toOregonDeep swim between states and California.
I think, first of all, for my own incomparable beautyOregonState quietly lay the soft advertising.To see a lot of mae west strategy, most of them to choose fromLos Angeles,, even to theOregonIs only a short stay, really let me feel sorry.OregonState a draw in the first placeChinaTourists is the cause of this isThe United StatesThe only one of several shopping duty free state (in my familyOregonDiscount store bought a set of Bose latest overall sound brought home, just thinkThe United States+ discount store + free state, the light that a few key word is enough to make a lot of people move!)In additionThe United StatesIn western California coastal scenery, is little notOregonState andWashington stateThe dense forest scenery.We learn fromPortlandSet out all the way south to San Diego, go back toPortlandtoIn Seattle,, the family finally agreed to see all the beauty, the beauty of the westOregonThe most beautiful scenery.OregonFamous city statesPortlandIn addition to many well-known NBA Portland trail blazers, there is another good name: city of roses.I deliberately arrange when carried out in the annual rose to her family, now recalled that they sawPortlandThe rose garden and the expression of joy, when suddenly feel do these preparations are true TMDValue!I firmly believe that a month the good time that I spent with the family will be more valuable as time goes by!(attach a couple of us inPortlandThe photographs from the rose garden

Now start our trip to the beauty of the west!(due to the recentThe United StatesListed company internship, what is it like to clear, so determined to carry forward this spirit in this article, I hope you in appreciation of quick and convenient to find the information you need.)
Sun: each categories, such as line, food and beverage, accommodation, transportation etc.
Love: these contents are my personal experience, have no time to watch will skip.(remember to have time to come back oh! Woo hoo)
Stars: some Suggestions and advice, if not holding the essence can appreciate the purpose to children's shoes to see.
Little rabbit: schedule
Football: specific activities and photos every day
The whole is divided into three stages,For the first phaseOregonState natural scenery deep orange-red - 6/9.
The second stage for California depth vernier: 6/10-6/21,
The third stage isOregonShopping column andWashington state-In Seattle,Trip: 6/22-6/27

The traffic
Thanks to my inThe United StatesA car is convenient, we save a large sumCar rentalThe cost of (wanted to come toThe United StatesCar rentaldriveFriend, please in other strategy to find relevant information).Before the travel take car dealership conducted a comprehensive inspection, changed the oil after make sure, then rush to start

Consider travel route again and again, I found that it is difficult to nail down their daily schedule, and I feel I really don't like being arranged, every time I decided to determine a good starting point for 2-3 days in advance, to use againThe United StatesTravel mobile phone software - Yelp booking hotel.Start I'm more worried about this reservation price will appear on the high side plus some uncertain factors may be difficult to implement, but facts have proved that these concerns are not necessary.Because and room wants to than, we pay more attention to such reservation convenience, for example: we had planned to spend a day from drivingSan FranciscotoThe DanishVillage, but you suddenly decided to want to doAt Stanford university,To soak up, were delayed long time, finally, we choose the starting point of the 17 Mile Dr (17) in the bay - Monterey (Monterey) stay for a night.The four-star Hilton garden inn, $180 a night plus 5 people for breakfast.Count down everyone spend an average of 36 lived in four-star hotels and luxury breakfast!Another thing about the accommodation is very satisfied, I will come to the top volcanic lake hotel one month in advance, the entire holiday the only remaining a room can see sunrise and lake view!Although the price is not low, but when lying in bed at 5 am you can see the sunrise, you will find the money to have much value!
The United StatesAccommodation is one of the biggest benefits is not limit the number of housing.You can according to the number of teams and gender reserve room and bed in different specifications.Each hotel specifications different, generally speakingThe United StatesHotel bed type there are five: since the childhood time is: the Crib, Twin, Double, Queen and King. (Crib is children bed, Twin is a single bed, Double can sleep two people, Queen generally sleep three people, King, if it's never too crowded can sleep to the four men.)

Is another important remindersThe United StatesSmoking policy is strict, many hotels is a total ban.Part of the hotel can provide a smoking room, scheduled time to explain, confirm is smoking room is an important symbol of the rooms have smoking cylinder.If violated, will be charged $200 - $200 in fines.In addition, smoking bans is not only a hotel, any other confinement does not allow public smoking.
If a family travel, strongly recommend looking for higher level hotel, your dozens of pieces, but to live in comfort.Free and general parking free wifi (according to different cities and geographical location), there are students like swimming but also can enjoy the fun of swimming pool, some hotels with hot spring!
If you planned to go to some national park, like a volcanic lake,Yosemite,YellowstoneSuch as, advance booking is essential.Remember that!Because you choose the day booking is probably the whole town is full of, you have to drive to another city for a long time.
Other students need to set the hotel search, I summarized the prophase investigation and contrast several hematemesis recommended listed here.I hope it can help you.
Food and beverage
inThe United StatesTravel no how delicious Chinese food can be complete!You may thinkThe United StatesAlso eat Chinese food is too out.If you comeThe United StatesEat western food is willing to continue a week, that may be you really have a special liking to western food.Our team of in addition to the six and a half years old niece to eatHamburg、sanmingPut them outside, other all ate dinner a few times in a row after complaints.So to find place to eat!Heavy!Want to!
For food I have no other better advice, although before departure also have done related to find, but the real work is necessary in the United States - Yelp APP!!!!!!Almost everywhere I use mobile phone search on Yelp, usually in 10 minutes to solve the problem, you have a Yelp restaurant can help you find the score high, then use Google maps to locate screening, can find the position appropriate taste and is a local Chinese restaurant!If you can't find the reason may be the following: 1. The place is too small, not much so few Chinese restaurants, Chinese flavor and don't expect too much.(for example, we are backPortlandWay short stay in a small town, with a yelp search to a nice restaurant, the evaluation result is to find an authentic American Chinese food, so this kind of situation can't just blame the yelp) 2. ChoiceChinaFood variety is not the mainstream, because our family background is special, from his familyhunanMoving toguangzhou, so eating habits can also heavy to light, can be hot, hey hey!This kind of situation to some extent, depends on your luck.
In general we satisfied with the diet is the trip, the only advice is: if you have the chance toThe DanishVillage, must not to legend delicious that pit dadChinaAt a restaurant, or you don't know how to be pit.Meat outside quantity few, the price is too high for a fee!We ordered four dishes add up to more than $80!Pit dad don't blink of an eye, I go to!
In the given high evaluation, we ate taste good, the price of normal restaurant.
Beijing floor (The Maridian House) address: 120 SW Ankeny St Portland OR 97204 phone: 503-228-1820
A small pavilion (Lucky Strike) address: 3862 SE Hawthorne Blvd Portland, OR 97214 (503) 206-503 hours: Mon - Thu, Sun 4 PM to 10 PM Fri - Sat 4 PM to 11 PM
The four seasons fragrance, Taste Of Sichuan) address: 16261 Cornell NW Rd in Beaverton, OR 97006 (503) 629-503 hours: Mon - 11 am - 9:30 PM Thu Fri 10 am - 11 PM Sat - Sun 11:30 am to 10 PM
Bridge park, The Spicy World) address: 10743 SW in Beaverton, Hillsdale Hwy tel: 425-644-8888 (90 super beauty after small boss! Great taste and service! Her recentlyIn Seattle,Chef in storesPortlandIn the shop, plus a dohunanMaster of cuisine, launched many new cuisines, we take the time to go!!!)

San Francisco:
Imperial food (Z&Y garden Restaurant) address: 655 Jackson St San Francisco CA 94133 telephone: 415-981-8988 (a good sichuan cuisine, inChinaInside the city, like to eat spicy friend can choose to go to this, I want to introduce the following distanceWelcome pavilionJust a few steps the distance of the road.)
Welcome pavilion(Great Eastern Restaurant) address: 649 Jackson St San Francisco CA 94133 telephone: 415-986-2500 (this is a drink cantonese morning tea shop, because MrObamaBeen to, so now the red flavorThe trueThe heart is good.Put on a pretty pictures, jia wang and I ha ha)

Welcome pavilion

Los Angeles,:
The bridge in yunnan garden(Yungui Garden) address: 301 N Garfield Ave Monterey Park, CA 91754 tel: 626-571-8387 (authentic sichuan food, went to the two are a good business to explode, well his company is big, there are many let a go have a position do. The cold dishes there really delicious! We had a also to go for a walk, hey hey!)
San Diego,
Red pepper hunan museum (Ba Ren Corporation)Address: 4957 Diane Ave, San Diego, CA 92117 tel: 858-279-2520 (this is San Diego a few several deliciousChinaWent out to the restaurant, one of the first day from our place to live for 20 minutes to get to, glad that didn't live up to our expectations!Hunan cuisine is very delicious!The boss is a northerner, but the taste of food is very authentic, cold dish is generally)
Driving advice
This time of the main driving the Chinese is my dad, one in China has more than 30 years of driving experience Lao shifu.inThe United StatesDriving, still had many problems, in fact, at the end of the day is all some habits problem, has nothing to do with technology.Through my inThe United StatesTwo years of driving experience, plus for dad to drive notoriously fast in California, summarizes some vomiting blood Suggestions to share with you.
California speed is fast, driveway, highway traffic complex (encounter high-speed intersection or up and down the road), be sure to open the slow way, as far as possible on the right, but not by the right way, or you are more likely to smooth out.
When opening the long-distance drivers must keep enough rest, freeway will have a rest from a distance, go to the toilet and straight drinking water facilities.
The United StatesDrivers in general more polite, basic not disorderly on the horn, usually each other make a dangerous mistake to remind, so don't bring the domestic habits.If you drive on the motorway in the fast track, found at the back of the car has been with tight, that prove that he was in a hurry or namely spare you slow the, at this moment you should consciously politely to slow.
Car must let people, especially the pavement when someone, to the pedestrian, such as basic across before driving.Especially in theOregonThe white is more, pedestrians are spoiled, they won't make the car, because they think should is car, and also accustomed to be made by the car.
Stop can't stop the disabled parking space, it must be a person with a specific license can stop.
Turn must avoid the straight, if the habit is very dangerous.
The GPS is important, basic is difficult without it.And updated to ensure that their GPS.
The STOP sign must completely STOP!Don't take chances, the traffic police to see will be get-tough!
Shopping advice (OregonState)
Discount stores to bulk purchase, remember to go to service center to free coupon,In Seattle,The biggest discount store you can buy a coupon spend five knives.A lot of brands have at least a 10% discount, buy a thing that 5 knife to earn back, it would save a lot.
Some brand for students to have an additional discount, you only need to show your student ID can enjoy additional 10% 15% off discount.(Ralph Lauren discount stores for students to have an additional 15% discount)
TJmaxx isThe United StatesInside a large discount supermarket, can buy a discount of many brands such as perfume or clothes.Is the most cost-effective to samsonite suitcase, cost-effective, according to the basic size different price between 60-90, and my parents when I told a bit less box carefully, they also very awesome to 4 people with only three boxes, even to a boxThe United StatesIs still off.Ha ha.Leave home took eight large and small, are here to buy new beautiful!
Communication advice
The United StatesTwo relatively large and widely use the crowd communications companies are respectively t-mobile and AT&T. They have their own respective advantage, AT&T 3 g signal will be better than public t-mobile, but t-mobile will have some advantage on the price.I have been use t-mobile, feel is smooth on the Internet.T-mobile has a telephone can package, flow, text messaging and package, the price is reasonable.Minimum 50 knife, unlimited phone calls and text messages, the flow of 500 MB.And there's a prepaid card, is to make how many, how much to pay for domestic like thatdriveTourists is not very appropriate.
If you want to call back home, there are two Suggestions, one is before go abroad on taobao buy a Skype point card, no more than 100 pieces of can play more than tens of thousands of minutes.General hotel offer free wifi can directly call back without pressure!But the signal is dependent on the hotel.And there's a phone card, input card number password, such as when also can be bought in universal taobao!
Specific travel schedule
First stage:OregonIn depth to swim
Day 1 - Day 2: (orange-red - 6/4) jet lag & visit me inPortlandThe school (George Fox University)
Day 3 - Day 4: () and 6/5-6/6The United StatesTeachers and friends
 Day 5:(6/7) PortlandSit the yacht tourismColombiaRiver (Jet Boat) & Rose Garden, Rose Garden)
 Day 6:(6/8) Portland& be Norma waterfall (Multnomah Falls)Columbia valley (Vista House)
 Day 7: (6/9) PortlandDowntown shopping (Pioneer Place)
 Day 8: (6/10) OregonVolcanic Lake national forest park (Crater Lake)
The second stage for California depth tour:
Day 9: (6/11) from the volcanic lakeSan FranciscoChinaCity (China Town) & fools dock (Fisherman 's Wharf)
Day 10: & (6/12) etcThe golden gateBridge (Golden Gate)
 Day 11: (6/13) San FranciscoTo Monterey & Monterey beach (Monterey)
Day 12: (6/14) 17 Mile (Dr) & 17 in the bayHearst castle (Hearst Castle)
 Day 13: (6/15) (Denmark village Solvang)& Santa Barbara (Santa Barbara
 Day 14: (6/16) Los Angeles, HollywoodAvenue (Hollywood) &Universal studios(Universal Studio)
 Day 15: (6/17) Los Angeles, Disney (Disney Land)
 Day 16: (6/18) San Diego sea world(Sea World)
Day 17: (6/19), San Diego, the Old city (Old Town) & the beach
San Diego to Day 18: (6/20)Yosemite(a park ranger at Yosemite national forest parkNational Park)
 Day 19: (6/21) Yosemite(a park ranger at Yosemite national forest park a day tripNationalPark)
 Day 20: (6/22) YosemiteSet out toPortland(Portland)
The third stage isOregonShopping column andWashington state-In Seattle,Trip: 6/23-6/27
Day 21: church & (6/23)PortlandShopping (Woodburn Outlet)
 Day 22: (6/24) PortlandShopping (Woodburn Outlet & Washington Square)
 Day 23: (6/25) PortlandShopping (Pioneer Place)
 Day 24: (6/26) PortlandSet out toIn Seattle, (Seattle)
 Day 25: (6/27) In Seattle,Leave home!!!
The daily schedule
Day 1 - Day 2: (orange-red - 6/4) jet lag & visit schools (George Fox University)
Looking forward to the rectified, at lastPortlandAirport received a mom and dad, sister and little niece!See the moment they are sincerely heart will melt.Lovely niece is more than a year ago pretty cute!Considering they traveled all the way, plus the jet lag, on my first dayThe United StatesThe small house to have a rest.After get up the next day with my parents visited my school -- -- -- George Fox University, is a small but humanistic care particularly strong private Christian school.Since the turn of the spring and summer season is the most beautiful school took some beautiful photos!

Small rose garden school, flowering time is very beautiful, la la la

Originally in the corner of a wildflowers because there is a small model suddenly became bright.

A thick forest, the lush summer feel good.

Outdoor stage became a good photo background.

I took the little miss, we're being photographed.Ha ha

Pat is fine art background. Casually.

Love this picture, jia wang's so cute!

Lying on the grass of the little angel...

You are so beautiful, you are so beautiful, you are so beautiful meimei beauty ~ ~
Day 3 - Day 4: () and 6/5-6/6The United StatesTeachers and friends
After two days of rest, everyone also all fall on the ground about the time difference between.In order to really feel in the familyThe United StatesThe culture, I accept to invite a few friends, here are a few pieces inThe United StatesPictures of people's home!

In aThe United StatesThe teacher Loren home ~ the world can't find a better man than Loren ~

Jia wang must draw a picture before you leave for Loren ~

 Day 5:(6/7) PortlandSit the yacht tourismColombiaRiver (Jet Boat)

The activity of today and be rare, because every year summer classes in our school will arrange different activities to enrich on Friday after school life, such as horseback riding, visit the NIKE corporation, hiking, rafting and so on.School teachers know that after my family to warmly invited us to sit the yachtColombiaThe activities of the river.So the family wore in yesterdayColombiaSki-wear, came to buyColombiaThe river!Along the way scenery lets a person find the scenery pleasing to both the, exactlyPortlandWhat's the weather like in summer has just started, a lot of friendsThe United StatesPeople in this pleasant sunshine on Friday to the river.My dad is infinite regretsThe United StatesPeople know how to enjoy life attitude.
I mentioned the start of the strategyPortlandWith its reputation as the city of roses, down from a yacht direct family members to the rose garden!A I'mThe United StatesBest friend Kathy to with us, the rose garden after Kathy took us to her favorite American restaurant ate dinner together.Introductions of rose garden had mentioned at the beginning of the article, this will not repeat, took a lot of beautiful pictures, I got dazzled when choose...Everyone enjoy the ~

Yesterday to finish my friend's house a guest, and to use the afternoon time go shopping in a discount store ~ ~ each harvest a ski-wear ~ la la la

Along the way scenery pleasant, let a person want to stay back and forth ah ~ ~

Just the good weather, the blue sky white clouds, enjoy the infinite...

Super love..

The United StatesThe best partner to Kathy and family in Rose Garden

The old one less true joy, ha ha ~ ~

Child models who are looking for ah, don't look for jia wang a pity ~ ~ my home

inPortlandMedical school ofPortlandUrban landscape

I also to boast...Ha ha ha

Mommy and I are in the flowers from which to deliberately wore a black is in order to keep the beauty of flowers!!

Good thigh chu...

The little girl how so will pose...

Mom is better than the flowers ~ ~ ~

Bright spot in the back, girl. Petals.

Need two sisters didn't come, is really a pity, such as the next to his surrounding the ssi photo again!

Don't be too much I Po.Really delete to cannot be deleted

Photograph of the end of the day!!!
 Day 6:(6/8) Portland& be Norma waterfall (Multnomah Falls)Columbia valley (Vista House)
Take my family to go todayPortlandOne of the most famous waterfall - Norma waterfall, this was one of the twilight locations,PortlandBut because sightseeing killing twilight.Along the waterfall is go upPortlandA wonderful hiking destination, if you have time, spend the whole day hiking is a good experience in here!Can be along the scenery below the eyes!It's a pity that we don't have much time, can only leave some regret to attract families come ~ ~ next time
Leave the BMSC we went to the horse falls not far from thereColumbia valley(Vista House), standing on high look at the whole valley, feeling refreshed, what troubles all have no!But neglect the day before the camera without charge, can only use iphone took some reluctantly, effect is not as expected.You barely see, just photos tomorrow ~

. See jia wang innocent expression.Ha ha ha..Smile dead

Only a picture of good point ~ ~

Columbia river valley

beautifulColumbia valley..Using a mobile phone can make satisfied

A pair ofThe United StatesCouples come to ask help from my dad pictures...

I'm happy oh ~ ~

Today's photo ~ ~
 Day 7: (6/9) PortlandDowntown shopping (Pioneer Place)
Today is shopping day with his familyPortlandThe Pioneer Pl downtownaceDidn't find before shopping, actually everybody has become a shopping crazy potential, results as the final days of the shopping together show you ~ in the album
 Day 8: (6/10) OregonVolcanic Lake national forest park (Crater Lake)

fromPortlandStart our long distancedrive!!Open all the way in the past to see a variety of different scenery, big meadow countless sheep inside, then the long mountain road, the tall fir trees on both sides of the.The first stop is I have to go to next volcanic lake national forest park.Mentioned above said order to the top of the hill hotel is not easy, in to one and half months in advanceThe EuropeanHave decided good, before I was decide when is the summer (June - September) the only room can see the lake view and the sunrise.It is conceivable to here how long booking and prepare in advance.Want to go to friend, remember to book in advance!
In a place close to the volcano lake saw a wild deer walked out of the woods.I standby camera in hand, see the deer to stay away, after a forget to capture this scene.Ha ha ~ it's already 9 PM I arrive in the hotel, front desk aunt think we're lost, how hasn't shown up so late.I said we opened a car from the nightPortlandCome over, she looked at us out of surprise.All in a day car also tired so sleep early, waiting to see the sunrise in the morning.

The sky is family to departure dayThe United StatesA week is the most beautiful sky.

Such beautiful scenery let us can't enjoy, and have to saydriveThe benefits of the..

In passingEugeneWhen I was in anotherThe United StatesBest friend received us.

Suddenly a child warmly greet and jia wang, alwaysgenerousJia jia suddenly shy...

The rapid flow of fir trees..About six hours

Finally to the hotel, the grand hall deserves a pat, follow fetch a sprout.hey

Two men in front of the fireplace playing a waiter and customer..I can't stand the...Ha ha

In the room, at 5 a.m. photographed the sunrise...

By the morning light according to the red room..Ignore is still in the sleeping mother..
 Day 8: (6/10) OregonVolcanic Lake national forest park (Crater Lake)
At half past five in the morning, we were almost golden sunshine outside the window to wake.Head from the pillow lift, found in bed can through the window to see the sunrise.That kind of beauty can't describe in words.Watching the sunrise everyone can't wait to see the huge volcanic lake face.
Outside a hotel discovered is full of snow.In domestic has heat resistance, we feel cold in winter here, we were all in.(but I'm ready, let family take some thick clothes, just come in handy.)The lake like a blue mirror, let a person feel quiet and distant.Sunshine is aspersed tourists in the face, but everyone look very carefree, or sitting in a chair to enjoy the morning sunshine, or go for a walk along the lake together.All slowed down.

Crater lake national park

Days after fully lit, volcanic lake in addition to the most beautiful dark blue, it is a large dark blue gems, have to exclamation weapon of god!

Have a love of, old and young ~ ~

Joy bloom in the snow's dad ~ ~

A picture of the daily ~ ~
Day 9: (6/11) from the volcanic lakeSan FranciscoChinaCity (China Town) & fools dock (Fisherman 's Wharf)
Starting from the volcanic lake in all the waySan FranciscoHave changed, the scenery on the road again, from the vast plains of the forest landscape into a scene.Open all the way in the past saw the piece of sunflower garden, California's famous grape manor, neatly and farming unknown saplings.In the afternoon toSan FranciscoAnd I live inSan FranciscotheChinaCity, went to just know thisChinaSpecial city, is located inSan FranciscoCity center distance fools dock is about 20 minutes walking distance.To lay down their luggage and then set out, I heard a fool wharf car many people more, we choose the no, in fact only like residents into the streets can truly feel the charm of the city!

It is on the way a vista point on snow mountain.

In such an environment for a picnic a Mrs Is too luxury..Life was good!

Along the way are different scenery...

Walk to the fool wharf, and dad research map...

My beautiful sister

Super with couples...

Next to the old man into background sorryyyy ~ ~ ~ ~

Have a feeling of a photo of my sister..

Mother and daughter three ~ ~

Brave jia wang playing bungee jumping ~ ~ the fools dock

Group photo today ~ ~
Day 10: & (6/12) etcThe golden gateBridge (Golden Gate)
The next day inSan Francisco, wearing my sister brought from domestic family pack, go are very smart, all have love, so muchThe United StatesPeople of all, let's flattered!And went to the famous etcThe golden gateThe bridge.Flowers bloom is the time etc, colorful hydrangea bougainvillea and them - are my great love.The golden gateBridge, no grand, I imagined my dad see after calmly said 1: haven't domestic grand bridge.Ha ha

Cheng fang bougainvillea ~

I think my friend ~ ~ blare

Grandma & Grandpa 

A warmThe United StatesPeople help us take photo ~ ~

Behind is the boundless sea ~ ~

The golden gateBridge view ~ ~

The golden gateUnder the bridge of nap ~ ~

Group photo with background when today's ~ ~
 Day 11: (6/13) San FranciscoTo Monterey & Monterey beach (Monterey)
San FranciscoSpent two days later we continued southward, the next destination is famous in CaliforniaA highway.Out of the carSan FranciscoCity not long before we see theAt Stanford university,Mark, originally I didn't plan to go to here.This fully embodies thedriveThe advantage of throttle a trample, brake turn into a stepAt Stanford university,.Here not the kui is countless students come to school, the school's unique architectural style, the environment is very beautiful.Exclamation oneself in this life will not be able to come to this reading, waiting for my home jia wang!Ha ha
From Stanford, we continued on his way, and finally arrived at 6 o 'clock in the afternoon of 17 - monterey bay in the starting point, we live here for one night Hilton Hotel, room facilities and hotel environment is very good.The key is the price is cheap, $180 a night still pack 5 people for breakfast.Settle down after we drove up on beaches in monterey, coincides with the sunset, we spent two hours in the seaside, witnessed the whole process of the sunset.Four words describe is beautiful ~

At Stanford university,

At Stanford university,The symbol building ~

At Stanford university,

Can't come this reading can only be to photograph the ~ ~

At Stanford university,

Background scene ah ~

At Stanford university,

Can be seen everywhere in the coconut trees ~ ~

~ time under the coconut trees

Parents also follow a young!

Have a love of, old and young ~

The play ~ ~ in the sunset

Good romantic oh ~ ~

Hilton Hotel ~ ~ great environment

Our room ~ ~ 
Day 12: (6/14) 17 Mile (Dr) & 17 in the bayHearst castle (Hearst Castle)
After getting up early in the morning after breakfast we went to 17 in the bay, bay are all in the 17 coastal highway, road at regular distances from one another with vista point supply the visitor parking.Mountain round out a little bit dizzy to tell the truth, and eat too full because everyone sleepy in the morning, but to see such a beauty, people suddenly awake.Come back after see photo is lamenting the stay time is too short.
Along the CaliforniaA highwayAll the way south toHearst castle, here is the only one the whole journey is not perfect, I have no online booking in advance, cause to the castle all tickets have been sold out.Only in a few mai far ahead in the tourist service center.

The coastline present different blue ~ ~

Dad always sigh with emotion said jia son to grow up ~ not funny how sad ~ ~ ~ is visible

Life for the first time a hair on the mirror - like mia black ~ ha ha

And the background is beautiful ~

A good cute little squirrel ~ ~ ask bread and then walk away ~ ~ ~ sad

We left a footprint ~ different beach in California

Ha ha ha ~

I have a handsome dad ~ I also!

Today's photo ~ ~ 
 Day 13: (6/15) (Denmark village Solvang)& Santa Barbara (Santa Barbara)
With theHearst castleRegret to continue south to the famous townThe DanishIn village, the architectural style hereThe DanishConstruction is given priority to, legends are two richThe DanishPeople in the town, because miss home and then to build such a uniqueThe DanishStyle town.The town is not big, but very distinctive, strong push main street of a eat American breakfast shop.Let's enjoy the charm of rich American breakfast.
fromThe DanishVillage open two hours or so is my favorite city in the western u.s - Santa Barbara!There is no one!Santa Barbara is a little small city, is a large part of the residentsThe United StatesSettle around here after the rich old man, so the prices are relatively high.But this beautifulbinhaiTown gave us many, many wonderful memories!!

The Danish village

Jia wang where you are.Where is the...

The Danish village

The classicThe DanishBuilding ~ ~

The Danish village

Distinctive clock ~

The Danish village

inThe DanishVillage hotel ~ at the door

The DanishThe village street ~

To the Santa Barbara ~ ~

Took off his shoes to run on the grass, the feeling is so good ~ ~

See this picture first smiled happily ~ ~ smile only feel a little sad ~

Big love this background ~ ~

Our bougainvillea to hurry and grow up ~

The Danish village

In order to IThe United StatesBuy a big house in dreams...

Background looks good ~ ~

Santa Barbara sea is so beautiful!!!!!

Husband and wife team ~ ~

A model ~ ~

Santa Barbara near the train station a, 6 mm in diameter, tree ~ ~

Look at their smile, you will know how happy ~ ~

Beautiful tracery wall ~ ~

A flowering tree ~ ~

inThe DanishIn the village of breakfast ~
 Day 14: (6/16) Los Angeles, HollywoodAvenue (Hollywood) &Universal studios(Universal Studio)
Universal studiosisLos Angeles,Will go to one of, you know before you goUniversal studiosThe tickets are not cheap, I did some research want to buy cheap tickets online, but in the end because fromThe EuropeanCome back after it didn't take long for family to come over to buy but cannot.After the thought of can order cheap tickets in a travel agency, but the somebody else all of the top 5 people ignore our individual clients, are not much cheaper to go to his office to fetch it.Will give up directly, to the ticket window.
After the found oneUniversal studiosandSan Diego sea worldPresent, five people is down almost $200 cheaper, decisive decided to buy that.Because we will plan to go to in a couple of daysSan Diego sea world.One of the most interesting thing when I buy a ticket to have a Chinese sister come here and talk to my family, was selling discount tickets, but are super good, know that I have already bought a ticket and no unpleasant, enthusiastically help us touring route.According to it, there were fewer people today than yesterday, should be very comfortable to play.We thanked quickly into the park.(the references really very few, only spent half a day to play all over the project)
Universal studiosPark is divided into two parts, the mountain areas and mountain areas.After we went in to play in the mountain area, leave here I image the deepest is the simulation of the family of a roller coaster, Simpson use fantasy trip to describe at all but.Park inside of the little train is will play project, mainly by a small train to visit the real film scene, is very interesting.To remind everyone here is that the little train have Chinese translation, it is important to be sure to line up just before 3 o 'clock in the past, I remember the last trip, is 4 PM but when we arrived at half past three, staff said that the last train has already full, can only go to the English zone.Poor dad mom really want to know what guides spoke, and I can't do simultaneous translation.After crying ~ ~ we went on the mountain area, the mountain area is one of the most popular transformers, isnewBefore the project, so a lotUniversal studiosFriends went straight to the.Queue also row is longer, but I like bestThe United StatesAmusement facilities is that it has to queue, but move fast, and generally in indoor line, to avoid the under the sun bath the baptism of the link!

Universal studios Hollywood

Universal studiosThe gate photos ~ ~

Jia wang look silly ~ ha ha

Universal studios Hollywood

My lovely or yellow one lovely ah ~ ~

Filming the scene ~

Universal studios Hollywood

I don't know what movie ~

The accident scene ~ ~

Sharks to bite me ~ ~ ha ha ha

Look at my clothes bashan aunts or not appropriate ~ ~

Universal studios Hollywood

A photo of our family and Simpson couple ~

The background isLos Angeles,City ~ ~
 Day 15: (6/17) Los Angeles, Disney (Disney Land)
Jia wang long-expected finally arrivesDisneyParadise, we live in the park is across from the Best Western, (strongly recommend the Best Western, excellent geographical location, 10 minutes walk to the park, and large rooms is decorated also very new!!!!)After eating breakfast beganDisneyThe trip!
DisneyIn two park, one is the main garden is suitable for children, another is more suitable for adult large entertainment facilities.Our time is limited, everybody wants to leave more time to go shopping.So it only took a day to choose the main park, must be here to share a funny story, is about jia wang.Looking for a present when she and my dad in the souvenir store, jia wang see tables are her dream things, see silly away, carrying a baby next to grab a beauty legs shook, and his mouth was so wasted ground to say: "grandpa, you buy this for me".My father beside saw the whole process, laughs.We use this case smiled jia wang for a long time.Ha ha
DisneywithUniversal studiosWant to is much bigger than it, there are many many, basic each project waited in line for a long time.Suggestions for this is to avoid peak in the park, or early, don't be late.At noon the sun is very big tan my dad are going to heat stroke.Project will selectively to play, after promising strategy to the point, don't see which play which, more reasonable use priority pass, this will elaborate words long, everybody to look up the relevant detailed information!

Disneyland in Los Angeles

The parade started ~ ~

Disneyland in Los Angeles

Small jia jia ~ at the gate of the little world

I also want to in I to six and a half years oldThe United States~~~

Explosion two lovely children come and chat with jia wang ~ ~

MOE maxed out ~ ~

Look at my mickey's veil ~ ~

The water curtain movie scene ~ ~

In a "global travel" ship take group photo ~ ~

 Day 16: (6/18) San Diego sea world(Sea World)
Day 17: (6/19), San Diego, the Old city (Old Town) & the beach
fromDisneyCountless around, and we came to beChinaThe United StatesPeople recommended by the city - San Diego.May be we are coming all the way along the sea, see the San Diego beautiful beaches before there is no excitement.Main project is to go to sea world and the old city, there's a lot like the zoo, botanical garden, simply ignored.San Diego in my eyes is a larger version of Santa Barbara, beach is very beautiful, also just one more floor after much less Santa BarbaralatsSome of the customs.
Sea world is quite worth a visit, but you must prepare before you go!Because choose the location of the stand is skilled, if you don't do investigation may have drowned rat back straight away.Be sure to take a raincoat, danger!As one of the most famous performing killer whales and dolphins shows that animals will take water to the audience with his huge and sit in front of the middle ten rows cannot escape!If you don't want to be wet must ah sitting behind, if you want to enjoy the pleasure of interact with the animals, be sure to take a raincoat.A lot ofThe United StatesPeople with nothing get the front seat, and usAsiaPeople less body hale, one thousand went out to play feeling take what thed loss outweights the gain.And remember to take some sunscreen equipment, large sun sit a few hours not black is difficult.

Jia wang and the old city big parrot photos ~ ~

Ha ha ha ~

My elder sister good lonely figure ~ side of personal ah ~ ~ to outstanding young man please leave a message ~ ~ ha ha ~

Killer whale show ~

My friend and I ~

In order to the big doll, give ~ ~

Jia jia good brave ~

Dolphin show ~

The old city of Santiago, one of the best selling mobile shop ~
San Diego to Day 18: (6/20)Yosemite(a park ranger at Yosemite national forest parkNational Park)
Santiago is the American west, the southernmost, after the end of travel, we started driving back.YosemiteNational forest park is the place where we are yearning for a long time.Car all the way from the sea to the gobi, the day we were driving on the boundless gobi booth, 50, that feeling as Nevada's most lonely road!I propose parking experience loneliness in the gobi, the car didn't know how big is the wind outside, jia wang came close to being blown away ~ ha ha ha

The feeling of good cool ~

We bring with us all the way to light, hard ~ ~
 Day 19: (6/21) Yosemite(a park ranger at Yosemite national forest park a day tripNationalPark)
Came all the way from the gobi, see the green trees and then suddenly there is a return to reality, fromYosemiteAfter the east gate in the first you see is the lake.The lake is really on the bottom, we are touched by the lake, is due to the snow mountain water, so cold all the more.Continue to open for two hours or so to the visitors center near Yosemite Fall, if it is like we only spend time in a dayYosemite, it must be will come to the land.
YosemiteBeauty must taste slowly, if like tourists expect to see what wonders, it might be disappointed, because only the abundant rain spring waterfall will be very spectacular, other times the water is very small.But here is aThe United StatesIs one of the four big national park has its unique charm, my suggestion is that if you only have one day time, you will find a suitable place for 2-3 hours on foot, stopped going into the forest, free to feel and the unity of nature and the feeling of tranquility!We spent two hours after walking in the forest, only really find the beauty of here that two hours is my most relaxing, most enjoy the moment 

Yosemite national park

The back of thought of zhu zi-qing...

I and the friend's footprint across the spanish-american ~ la la la

Vision is very broad ~ in a happy mood

The feeling of mottled shadows ~ ~

Falls to our feelings like this...Ha ha

A diameter of 2 metersThe tree~~

Three people around just good ~ ~

Yosemite national park

The real snow mountain water ah ~

Lovely mum ~

Go ~ ~

Very like this photo ~
 Day 20: (6/22) YosemiteSet out toPortland(Portland)
Day 21: church & (6/23)PortlandShopping (Woodburn Outlet)
 Day 22: (6/24) PortlandShopping (Woodburn Outlet & Washington Square)
 Day 23: (6/25) PortlandShopping (Pioneer Place)
Got home yesterday, it was already 11 PM, imagine how tired, I also plan to rest one day to start shopping, results are all can't wait to open shop.As a result, the next 3 days time to and from usPortlandAnd near the three biggest Shopping Center.Boot from the beginning of three to eight!OregonJust don't tax, do like don't money, ha ha.

 Day 24: (6/26) PortlandSet out toIn Seattle, (Seattle)
 Day 25: (6/27) In Seattle,Leave home!!!

The end of theOregonStates and the California travel, we to tap intoWashington state!While theBeijingFall in love withIn Seattle,I want to feel the "is popular with parentsIn Seattle,The urban landscape.To the dayIn Seattle,The weather especially good, the day particularly bright.Walking in the park behind the pike place market, overlooking the sea and blue sky white clouds, to emerge in my mind for a long time.Sitting on the world's first starbucks drink a cup of coffee, and then walk along the park, everyone is enjoying their stayThe United StatesThe last time.

The beautiful sky ~ ~

Buy a new shirt oh ~ ~

Pike place market

Pike place market ~

The first starbucks ~ ~

Everybody laughing sweet ~ it's a pity that when I come home to!


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