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Our honeymoon trip - US West Coast

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After rectified, begin to be small wolves playing can write this fast when the travels of memoirs...Ahem!Want to send home cough up!


Occasionally when leisure empty, my thoughts in all worlds, scenes like film.
Finally, stay in you ever stop to land --The United States。
When we have not met, you alone on the strange land.
With the dream of I am not familiar with, with I'm not familiar with clothing, telling I'm not familiar with the language, I'm not familiar with doing work.
Everything, are not familiar with.
Now I have you.
Just now, in the future.
And in the past.
Strong intend to put all of your love.
Not a blank.
So, I'm coming.No!We are!
You touch the wall, the stamp on the floor, and the breath of air.
I have to feel one by one.
In the future, a romantic, not and mutually leave.

- a visa before departure

Three months before departure, we will ask for leave to deal withThe United StatesVisa, because it is not the time, so we found your company's colleagues to help deal with (that is, directly to the travel agency) money, give them the basic information, until the appointed time to go to the interview.
forThe United StatestoChinaOpen ten years tourist visa for many times, guys no matter recently not going toThe United StatesAll want to go to deal with a menacing, we finish the interview back has been asking the interviewer asked us what problem, estimation is our record is too good, really didn't ask us what the interviewer, hee hee.(the little grey Wolf note: obviously is a record of good, you just been to a little TonySoutheast AsiaCountry -. -)
All right!I am still in order go ahead...(this is definitely not the suspense)
Go to the consulate interview time, in accordance with the contract and take their own form and the original copy of all the assets, a clamp installed with transparent.becauseThe United StatesConsulate with bags are not allowed to bring mobile phone in, inside the consulate location register, so before the queue must find a place to put a good package.Remember, are not allowed to bring in any bag, not to say that small handbag or wallet can be free, free oh, implement good, after all these above can line up!
TIPS: if you are late, with security guards at the gate of the eldest brother, he will put you into the priority, of course, the premise or bag with no carry mobile phones.
After consulate is security,
After a security check and then continue to line up, first let them scan passport in pre-trial window at the back of the bar code,
And then line up according to the fingerprint, after the end of the line to see the interviewer.
Because of the visa, I work in the busiest stage, there has been no time to study the interview skills, really meet their turn to try officer, began to tense.The most the most important thing is, I with small gray Wolf's wedding that moment has just ended, wallet is basically a penny all have no, pay check leaves poor is 800 yuan RMB.
I grabbed the little grey Wolf has said...One thousand the interviewer speaks English to do...I don't know what to do...The interviewer abandon me 800 yuan to do...You passed me failed to do...Heart!Disorderly!Such as!Hemp!Absolute can perfectly describe the mood at that time.
a--- a- e---,
a yi ya yi yo---,
a--- a--- a- ya---,
a- a--------,
a yi ya yi yo---,
hei- ya-------
Finally it's our turn...
The interviewer took our passports, to turn over a few pages at random.
Interviewer: "have you ever been toThe United States?”
The little gray Wolf: "yes."
Interviewer: "husband and wife are you?"
The little gray Wolf: "yes."
Interviewer: "ok, thank you."
In this way!Goofs off ground!I didn't say a word to stand next to the small gray Wolf somehow passed!
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Although small gray Wolf said I was touched his light!(the little grey Wolf note: really touch me a light!!!!!)
But it is so happy!
RMB 800, seizing arms fart dian fart with small gray wolves watching movies!

Before you go to, the international air ticket

After that, visa gunning to book ticket!
This is more easily, do what we do not know one or two this ticket generation are embarrassed to talk?
Ha ha ha ha ha!Kidding!
After we have a week of query to contrast,
San FranciscoIn,Los Angeles,Out,Hong KongChange is the most valuable.
guangzhouDon't need a bigger box of oneself pass back and forth,
Transit time is not long, and don't go back.
(Venus) perfect!
The final two more than ten thousand flights.
All Pacific per person to five thousand!Is really too cheap to laugh!
And flowers ~ ~"

To prepare before departure, domestic transportation

The international section of the big traffic settled, now is about to start considering the shuttle between cities.
At the beginning we are going to the wholedriveSwim, surf the Internet search the HERTZ and AVIS, 15 days, aloneCar rentalFee and insurance premium will be ten thousand yuan!Also do not contain road fuel parking fees and so on assorted!It is beyond our budget!
But came to the car wheels, it is impossible to completelydriveAh!
Reasoning, only broadsword huo axe to chop down day.
Where is the plane, wheredriveIs better?It is a new problem ~
Twitter twitter...(this section can directly to ignore! Ha ha ha!)
San Francisco, our main activity area at fisherman's wharf, basically is to go toThe golden gateThe bridge there is far,Las Vegas,, you can visit place is an avenue, if just stay here may not need to use it, but want to go to the surrounding city car must be supposed, is in the endLos Angeles,To estimate the congestion degree, everybody knows this place really want to drive I'm afraid will delay trip...
After some brainstorming, we decided toSan FranciscotoLas Vegas,By domestic section plane,Las Vegas,toLos Angeles,Paragraph isdriveArrive,Los Angeles,afterThe car also。
(Venus) perfect!
A lot of domestic aviation dazzling, United Airlines...American Airlines...JetBlue Airways...Southwest/Airtran...
The United StatesThe airline industry is so developed, with the planeChinaSit long distance bus.
fromSan FranciscotoLas Vegas,The flight time is short for more than an hour, high quality service of what can be ruled out in the range of consideration, the price can appropriate time.
After a little gray wolves qian wan selecting, we finally determine the UA437 flight.
Is the departure time is close to 2 PM, we can sleep to nature to wake again go to the airport, as soon as can get hotel in the afternoon.
Once again!(Venus) perfect!
As for theCar rentalAlso is full of beautiful things in eyes, HERTZ...AVIS...DOLLAR...ALAMO...
Before checking strategy, HERTZ is the only thing I have heardCar rentalThe brand, so choose the HERTZ without hesitation.
Besides, HERTZ is also a big company, how to also won't cheating.
(twitter... don't want to bully me first to goThe United States…)
Brightly decided after HERTZ can be ordered online!
Above models, we chose a small gray wolves love Chevrolet, see after the car really have to exclamation how the correct choice,The United StatesChevrolet performance-to-price ratio is high, the car is too!Is!!!!But that is another story, leave a little suspense, hee hee.
todriveIf, in addition toCar rentalOutside, remember to do the driver's license notarial!
Online a lot of people say that as long as a driver's license translation is ok, but, away from home, one thousand is really unfortunately met need to use a driver's license, the somebody else old beauty denied again translation, it can be as dead as a doornail.
Prudent, we still very clever to do the driver's license notarized.
All ~ no problem

Before you go to the hotel

The visa ticket all implementation, we began to choose the hotel.
How do you say this is also a small gray Wolf with a big red hat for a honeymoon trip, we star hotel is the first choice to the hotel.
The second is the geographical environment better.
Though I knowThe United StatesIs a superpower, the transportation is absolutely leverage.
But their guns legally!There are black and poor ah (absolutely no discrimination, only places where crime is really high.)!In order to safe, we still choose to live in downtown.Exempt from unnecessary disputes with fright!
The trip we primarily in ctrip hotel booking above orders.
In general, ctrip is more convenient, the price of a total package, take a fancy to buy it, is, after allChinaWebsite, relatively familiar with easy to operate.
Booking, really very good price, but pay attention to oh, official website show is not tax the price of, when you consume after deduction of taxes and fees on credit card.Of course even after tax, booking prices are very competitive.
Such as the little grey Wolf is clever boy, he would prefer on booking operation, implement the reservation, above the passbook of the iPhone will have order information preservation, can directly show at the front desk phone when check in, don't have to print out a lot of orders with cough up.
And I...Accounts idiot, read a few words of English will be dizzy, will only use ctrip.Small gray Wolf see after I booked two hotels for don't let me a person to make, oneself buy buy buy on booking.Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, to choose a husband should choose this, worry.(the little grey Wolf note: red face!!)

To prepare before departure, WIFI balls

Modern people away from home, what is the most important?
0.01 seconds, don't even think about, WIFI!
Rent balls word on taobao search with a lot of, this is that I don't recommend.
【The United States4 g Verzion unlimited traffic 】
This is my choice of package!To use really carefree!Play the game video completely an unimpeded!Ha ha ha!
Above is completed, can be happy joyful waiting for departure day.

DAY 1 2015/03/21

Scenic spots: no
Night: Crowne Plaza San Francisco Intl Airport (oldjinshanCrowne plaza hotel at the airport)
Because we buy is economic positions, not a day early check-in online, only to run to the airport early check-in. However, there is no egg, the location of the aisle have been picked up...(who let you spend less money > _ <)
Words,Hong KongThe airport WIFI does give force, we are waiting for connecting also watch the episodes TV series.

As a five-star airlines, cathay Pacific's meal or can be, but so long time of sitting, dragon meat are really boring!!!!!!
They say there are many kinds of jet lag, is like my mother that day is a sunset is sleeping is the best, her life concept no time such contents. And as for me, is to sit lying what all can't sleep, boil boil boil down the plane, see the bed immediately fell, the second day still properly, so the time difference, is floating clouds to me. As for the small gray wolves, for experience of more than on long flights, sleep quality is bad, he can also pulled out a method of jet lag.
Oh dear!Digress, get back to business.

Don't ask me how come more than 10 hours on the plane. Anyway is to eat to eat, and then repose with dozens of minutes, flip open a magazine look at movie, is just eat repose after the movie magazine. Ah ~ the night!
Fast arrived, the stewardess will start to send all kinds of CARDS allow you to fill in, have a versatile husband, is careful to an entry card you don't have to worry about, finally just sign your name. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. (don't envy me, because have you envy opportunities.?? Omega??)
Off the plane after they reach the arrival hall, when we lined up to enter, uncle aunt, in front of us has been chat with us, (just off the plane will go into the rhythm of meet an old friend away?!)Aunt special enthusiasm, say they to see daughter, want to have grandchildren, we asked whether also took to reading, alas!, although looks like, but the somebody else all graduation for several years. (I'm not hooked up! Never hooked up! Because I am in Ming shuang! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!)
The United States is not the same as a lot of places, even if you get a visa, but every time you stay in the United States is determined by the immigration officer, they also have the right to repatriate immigrants oh.
We entry, met a good official. Before the strategy is said to prepare the necessary English, pay attention to what don't be nervous to talk. Although there is a little gray wolves in, but still a little nervous. But it's our turn, the officials said the beginning then after a few words of English should use Chinese to chat with us!Home!Always the case!Said he is from guangdong, 20 years ago, also have been to guangzhou, have eaten seafood stroll in the sand sand and so on. Strategy mentioned above normal immigration officials will ask "who is go to the United States," the purpose of "associate" "how much money schedule." "have ah" "ever pregnant ah"...These are not ask!Finally gave us half a year to stay also asked enough to play. I have to tell him that we only 15 days vacation!!!!!!
Since we arrived in the United States is already 11 o 'clock in the evening local time, so I choose the hotel near the airport. We ordered the crowne plaza hotel at the airport.
Go out to the airport after less than 5 min walk to the airport to the hotel shuttle bus station, probably waiting for 15 min, our car coming!Within a driver eldest brother is very enthusiastic, see we're going to get on the car down immediately to help us carry baggage, estimate the driver eldest brother hear the two of us, in cantonese soon greet with us, very kind!
Physically and mentally tired after such a long flight when there are so a eldest brother, instantly fell in love with the oldjinshan!

In the hotel, our host is twoMexico, the lobby is not the sort of grand domestic five-star. Facilities should make me feel a little s. But the room is clean and tidy, sleep a night also nothing to criticize.
Say good pour bed to sleep!A close one eye open, a new day will begin to cough up!

DAY 2 2015/03/22

Scenic spots: fisherman's wharf, etc
Night: Holiday Inn San Francisco Fishermans Wharf (oldjinshanFisherman's wharf holiday inn)
Sleep to nature to wake and then downstairs to eat breakfast, also forgot how much is the hotel buffet earlier, but choose to be.
I want to eat honey stars!!!!!!And non-toxic milk!!!!!!Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ~ ( ̄ del  ̄) ノ

After wake up to eat, began to start!
Because want to take the subway back to the city, and we sit back to the shuttle bus to go back to the airport!
(in fact, the university entrance exam, I can still feel English, after four years of university pillaging, also know the words is only APPLE left. Also wanted to pick up English after work, but with English in my work I don't see any contact, hesitate to let me met little gray wolves at...).

After arrived at the airport, can choose Bart traveled to the city.

Tickets at self-service ticket machine ~

Subway in addition to less people, guangzhou and other are not so much difference, two daft (small gray Wolf note: NO! NO! Are you a - -!!).

We in the Powell Station to get off, and then transfer to old-fashioned tram to fisherman's wharf.
According to the online presentation, this car has a history of nearly 150 years.
"These antique trams, major transactions and market street, and CASTRO, the west of the area, and San Francisco, the city between the northeastern coast of the fisherman's wharf. The tram modelling is very special and antique, particularly popular with tourists more bring nostalgic colour."

The tram driver eldest brother who also is old!!!!!!
Said he come here for many years, various views give us along the way, where is the fun of delicious, what should be paid more attention to, also gave us a big stack of private free ticket.
Agghh ohoo, really all the way down to luck are great.
Saying that the oldjinshanThe weather was very comfortable and cool air and the warmth of the sun.
I don't think foreign moon special circle, but the sun is really different, it's no wonder that foreigners have so love sunThe sunBath!
Really like the city.
Secretly tell little gray wolves we old to oldjinshanRemaining years!Ha ha ha!(the little grey Wolf note: younger sister paper, but you clearly told me!!!!!)

After arrived at fisherman's wharf, get off, about 10 min walk to the hotel.
We live in is a holiday hotel. The hotel has excellent geographical location, the oldjinshanVery convenient, there are many restaurants near, it's near the bus car ferry, and our room is big and clean. The staff enthusiasm, service in place. Although the price is not very lovely for a four-star hotel, but here we all feel worth it.

After we settle down the baggage out joyfully!
Must the first stop is the fisherman's wharf.

All the way to stroll, both sides have a lot of street performers in performance, is the eldest brother, the one of a variety of instruments small wolves look for a long time.

After the walk to the PIER 39, we saw a group of sea lions lazy. It really has been a tuo tuo lay there in the sunshine, some sea lions would occasionally looked up to see passers-by, some only a few will suddenly up and fight, some will also jump in the water swimming, but there is more of a stand motionless ZhaShi. Very cute!!!!!!

There are many small shops in wharf, eat and drink what are playing.
We were in the candy store bought a pack of jelly, rainbow super acid, ha ha ha ha ha.

We also bought will eat sour bread soup, it is said that the aromatic cream soup is very delicious, but the sour bread..Don't taste, taste like ordinary bread do not have what distinction, that's the acid strength, like hundreds of years expired. Really want to feed the dove.

After the break, we start heading for accident.

Go up only to find that oldjinshanLk really steep. A slope and a slope. Very tired, you don't know!!
(* _ *)

Climb ah climb ah climb ah finally arrived!It didn't take the accident!Poof!
This is the most crooked streets, is because the road was built 40 degrees of slope, the government thinks will be easy to accident, so he built the Z curve road to slow down the speed of the car, on both sides of the road planting flowers and trees, flowering will see clusters of flowers, outstanding displays, gradually becomes old herejinshanA unique tourist attractions.
It's a pity that we didn't see a flower..(" 5555555 ゜ ロ ゜)"

The little gray wolves to have fancy suiting, and man is less car, is the guy's photography, not ha ha ha ha.
Attach the Pic.

Back from the accident we all tired collapsed!Walked the whole day..No. Is climbing...

Back to the hotel have a rest after we back to fisherman's wharf to eat a seafood feast!

The big seafood platter isn't cheap, taxes and tips are coming to the 1000 oceans, the seafood is fresh.
What their cooking did not pay attention to, the feeling is boiled, shrimp, crab and kept the red in the taste of the salty seawater.
Just wanted to say it is a good price in guangzhou sand can eat more just upset.
(oh, guangdong was a will keep ZuiDiao place!)

After eating for a walk, in the hotel next to the supermarket to buy breakfast for the next few days, will be back to the room and wash sleep.
Can't stop honey stars with fresh milk, ha ha ha ha.

DAY 3 2015/03/23

Scenic spots: the golden gate bridge - palace - grace cathedral - nob hill
Night: Holiday Inn San Francisco Fishermans Wharf (oldjinshanFisherman's wharf holiday inn)
Is the first stop today, American movies favourite - the golden gate bridge.
Before starting to recommend, "Google maps" this APP, too strong!!!!!!
It can accurate positioning, set origin and destination offers you a variety of route, meticulous to every corner how to walk, different time query will also provide different results based on local situation,Such asWhat of the night train. Do you want to so sweet!!!!!!
Have the "Google maps" mother don't have to worry about I lost!!!!!!
After our hotel for good route, sat MUNI bus go to the golden gate bridge.
(estimated bus is oldjinshanThe cheapest means of transportation, each $2.)

In Lombard street to transfer # # 28 or 29 bus can to oh!

Small gray Wolf said, he was with small partners go the golden gate bridge for time reason go to a half turn back, this time to complete the unfinished journey, walking across the bridge. (small gray Wolf note: Dear, that's run! Is run! Run!...).
SO, buy good coffee, packing, we start ~

The way we also see the dolphins!!!!!!Two!!!!!

Come down from the golden gate bridge, we start to the palace.
Along the way there are many people in the gym running, and walking the dog, sat on the lawn to chat.
Walk about an hour or so, we are also the stop-and-go, feeling will arrive soon.

"Palace was built in 1915, is to cover" the Pacific "of the world's fair in panama, but were abandoned after the meeting, until 1962 to famous German architect may baker (Bernard Maybeck) to design the rebuild, expertise in detail decoration."
The great hall of the dome, combined with arch withcolumnsHere, I want to take wedding photos should be very good.

Came back from the palace by car, we started hanging aimlessly.
Walked and walked came to grace cathedral. Strategy on saw someone mentioned before, the third cathedral, Martin Luther is said to have published a speech here.

Inside the church we sit for a while, quiet solemn sacred, has a sense of let heart settle down the steadfast.

About two blocks to the nob hill, overlooking the city here, by the way, just rest.
Today is really a more than walk.

Back to the hotel, see aunt left a note to clean the room, warm warm heart. More and more like the oldjinshan. (* ≧ del ≦)

After dinner, the little gray Wolf ran to the supermarket bought two bags of good delicious potato chips to say to want to snack.
Good is good, but the size is too large, the weight, ha, ha, ha.

DAY 4 2015/03/24

Scenic spots: union square - the Chinatown -Japan- st. Mary's cathedral - old city - China embassyjinshanThe town hall
Night: Holiday Inn San Francisco Fishermans Wharf (oldjinshanFisherman's wharf holiday inn)
Out of the fisherman's wharf, we sat ding-ding car can to union square.
Ding-ding, actually called cable car, tram.
This kind of car, though slow, but it is oldjinshan. One way ticket $6, can be got on the car to buy tickets.
Cooperate with the oldjinshan"Steep" road, sitting up like play to slow down a roller coaster, hand foot can ceng, fun!(small gray Wolf note: ceng ceng, you don't old, so to me the ceng sister paper - -!!)

At fisherman's wharf side we get in the car, basically do not have a few people, but in union square only to find that there are so many people waiting in line by car, originally thought it was running for tourists ding-ding, didn't think there are many people choose.

Came to union square, should buy buy buy into the role, but has not been seen around a few square high cost performance products, it seems the bullets are still leave to outlet. (please call me wise big red hat, thank you)
(the little grey Wolf note: Outlets or am I looking for is good!! My credit! Credit! Lowe...)

Then we came to Chinatown, away from the union square a few road.

The oldjinshanChinatown, as and sHong Kong, standing on both sides are traditional architecture, red lanterns hung neatly on the road, streets were lined with giant billboards, one of the traditional text, one shop merchants are communicate in cantonese, no traces a little taste of the United States.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, the Chinese always everywhere the stronger.

Small wolves several days not to eat the rice, rarely came to Chinatown, be sure to bowls to eat!
Came to this fast food restaurant, the boss called not passion, also at ease.
Small wolves and ordered a meal, I want a bowl of pho, in the United States do not have what good can also taste the cantonese cuisine, really was in tears, I think at this point to want rice rolls, steamed shrimp dumplings, effect should be better. ヾ ( omega `.)
Came in a hurry, and go in a hurry, ha ha ha, forgot to take pictures, just remember a certain corner of the store, it can be a big component, the taste is good also, have the opportunity to can go to try again.

We sit bus to linger after ChinatownJapanThe city, had to say, MUNI station also too casual!
We watched the Google maps the above instructions, yao is the car here, how can't find the station. We also first impressions are most lasting, thought so station like fisherman's wharf that, what is the one stop, turned several turn can't find the same thing. Later, really can't find it, where the navigation and positioning stood motionless, then I see the cars standing.

We will lower the head to look at, the sidewalk of the red flag, is the station sign!!!!!!
Ah!The bus stop isteteSo quiet!

Come to theJapanCity, compared to the Chinatown, really nothing.
Place is not big, road signs with stores are highlighted in Japanese, there are only a few distinctive building, is not feltJapanAmorous feelings.

There is also a indoor shopping mall Japan center, large and small inside dozens of shops selling all kinds ofJapanGadgets, and bookstores, restaurants, stationery, cosmetic skin care products...Is one of the necessities are covered.

Have a little tired, we are free to one of the restaurant in the United StatesJapanFood.

Although don't know if this store is really so famous, but the design is really a beautiful idea.
On the location of sushi have one boat, ships do have water, blinking at the past really want to tidy the boat is drifting in the, and sushi was put in a boat. Speed is also unhappy, see you want to eat sushi is off.
We want toJapanSushi mostlyJapanPeople, no attention to the people around you.
Come to join us for broad until a waiter suddenly.
Only to find that she is in guangzhou, then that is also work in our company before, also the service for 12 years.
Aww!!!inJapanCity restaurant can meet predecessors, this also too not easy.
"This time meet an old friend" to play the role of thousand times, we exchanged business CARDS, then bill the discount.
Hey hey, the boss said business card is a meal ticket, this sentence I really believed. (low ' `) ノ

, satiated with food and continue our journey.
In the oldjinshan, in addition to a few scenic places to go, we are in a lot of time to stroll.
Experience the local life rhythm. As much as possible into the local atmosphere.
This is free travel with tuxedo tour differences.
Well!Digress again ~
We eat go shopping to come to the Chinese embassy, ha, ha, ha, although have no matter to find it, certainly don't want to have something.
But still see the embassy would be very comfortable.
Feeling is to have the top cover, you go to the casual unbridled, ha ha ha ha ha.

Then came to st Mary's cathedral, a very post-modern church.
What was in the church or activity, not let tourists visit inside, estimation is also a church with gears. Then came to st Mary's cathedral, a very post-modern church.
What was in the church or activity, not let visitors in Tours, estimation is also a church with heaven and earth.

Then I went to the oldjinshanCity hall, the huge dome ranked fifth in the world,
Although I don't know the architecture, but the design style is really quite able to bear or endure look.

Sigh, and after we come back to know the original city hall foreigners can make an appointment to visit.
A little regret, but this is the journey?

To the city hall, we have been very tired. The car back to hotel to rest.!
Return to fisherman's wharf, pass by McDonald's, just a small gray Wolf said he had also eaten here.
In order to let his old man's house to remember, we decide to dinner on the day we will eat McDonald's!
(small wolves note: roll! You're old, you and your family are old man!!!!!)
But the United States McDonald's inside edge is different with us, at least somebody else drinks are independent, free refill.
Well, after all, everyone is not the same as the state of the union.
From McDonald's, just see the sunset!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Conveniently use their cell phones, no PS. Really is too beautiful. (small wolves note: that is, you don't look at who shoot!!)
Really want to just squat down juggle ate and watch the sunset.

DAY 5 2015/03/25

Scenic spots: Levi 's Plaza - Big Bus Tours - (golden gate parkJapanTea garden)
Night: Holiday Inn San Francisco Fishermans Wharf (oldjinshanFisherman's wharf holiday inn)
Today we got up early in the morning, just to eat breakfast downstairs to the breakfast store.
Hadn't seen on strategy, but every time after many people waiting in line.
Keep up with the pace of era, we must try!
We seem to be about eight o 'clock, have begun to line up, also good is not long to wait, 5 min or so it can go in.
Although the price is not cheap, but to see the full complete meal in the morning, another cup of aromatic americano.
Who can say no is the perfect start to the day ~
Ointment is won't make you stay here for a long time, may be too many people line up, the waiter see you already finish eating will help you to check out naturally SAY "GOODBYE".

According to the original schedule, we have to go to devil's island is today, that was before the federal government imprisoned wickedness great place of prisoners. Here the evil ACTS including customsChicago"Godfather" kapon (Al Capone), thuggish and gifted "bird man" s, lauder (Robert Stroud) and cold-blooded killer "machine" (George Kelly, Kelly!!!!!!But when we go to the dock to buy tickets have been told that all the tickets were booked full.........It is a bolt from the blue, ok!!!!!(((p (> <) o q)))
The bloody experience tells us that in the future all sites can make an appointment to remember must make an appointment!To make an appointment!To make an appointment!!!!!!
(important thing must be three times!
At fisherman's wharf to half a day, suddenly remembered that open the tram driver eldest brother said to Levi 's Plaza, still perhaps can find good?
Rather than immediately rode past!
I went to here is Levi 's headquarters and that allow people to envy other people's house of controlling company.
After go in from the gate was a big garden, the garden there is a small bridge flowing water, winding paths.
Go back to the building.
The building also has several, is on the first floor, the latest goods could largely positive.
Ha ha ha, a little at a glance, not cost-effective, leave.
As a smart milk, won't be current commodity temptation, I know there are outlet waiting for me!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pass by a convenience store, see is not the same as domestic packing coke buys it taste, the result is no different, sorry. Pass by a convenience store, see is not the same as domestic packing coke buys it taste, the result is no different, sorry.

Look at it's early, we decided to take a Big Bus Tours, for the oldjinshanTo a final conclusion.
Also see if there are any missing where we play.
The sightseeing bus have two floors, the first layer with ordinary tour bus no distinction, the second floor is open.
On the afternoon of the oldjinshanThe sun just, we chose the second seat.

There is no bus tour guide, but there are electronic device, the interpretation of a thought can only listen to English,
After go up only to find that the original with cantonese and mandarin choice, really is a saved my life!

The distant call ke kuyt towers (Coit Tower) is located in the San Francisco cable to the top of the hill, very conspicuous position, can be seen anywhere in San Francisco.

In each dish in this restaurant is to join a large number of Onions!!!!!!Is said to increase the delicious food, and can promote the body health.
Ok, even so I think I will not go in to taste...

The distance is called the transamerica pyramid building, the building is a building pyramid, San Francisco city's tallest building. Mainly for the use of office building, is not open to the public, visitors can't visit to the tower top sightseeing.

Green building, it was said that Mario puzo is to create "the godfather > here.
(the little grey Wolf note: should be here with the introduction of the characters, will be more intimate, ha ha ha ha ha ha)

Passing parade see ~ say hotel exploitation employee benefits?Didn't listen to clear!Ha ha ha!

After a BIG BUS on the golden gate park, we spend time in the park as soon as he got off the car around.
Walking toJapanTea garden. This is a courtyard, with 100 years of history in planted all kinds of trees and flowers, very delicate. ThanJapanMore let a person as if place oneself in the city hereThe Kyoto.
We have seen someone with a long tour of guns on wedding photos?
(uh! Gossip about turns out to beHong KongThe photographer, ha, ha, ha.

Out of the golden gate park we sit BIG BUS back to union square, think is going to the mall to buy a pot, haven't found around a circle know any brand...(is didn't do your homework (such _) ノ) only bought ice cream, there are a few pieces of cosmetics.
Spent old casuallyjinshanAt the end of the day!Tomorrow to Las Vegas!

DAY 6 2015/03/26

Scenic spots: strip
Night: Stratosphere Hotel & Casino (the Stratosphere tower Casino Hotel)
Sleep to nature to wake in the morning, when to come, let's sit F line trams, transfer to the subway back to the airport.

To the united airlines counter print good ticket, checked baggage is also good, can go to the waiting.

More than an hour's flight time can be arrived in Las Vegas!
La la la la la la!I'm not excited!!!!!!

Come out from the airport according to the signs indicating will find a place to take a bus.

Each station has indicated you need to get to the hotel's location,
If you can find, the driver eldest brother will ask what hotel do you live, tell you which station to get off.

Our choice of Hotel in Las Vegas is a tower (Stratosphere Hotel & Casino), is no matter what position do you in Las Vegas can accurately find the Hotel.
Choose this hotel is not as good looking for, not because of cheap, not because more prosperous.
Because a little gray Wolf said that used to live, to go live!
(the little grey Wolf note: the results for the second time to also still kept on the top of the tower!!! I cry.
Although he was after we come back from the United States said that next time you go to live there still, but I want to tell you responsibly, don't listen to him. This hotel away from the strip really too!Far!!(the little grey Wolf note: early know when to go to LV rental directly, anyway, FREE PARKING)

We put down the luggage, dinner at the hotel, will set off for long.
(tower buffet was very good.

Is this a bit disgusting...

Out of the hotel,
Just walk from tower to rivera hotel almost half an hour!And most of the way!
A hole inside elder sister goods!~ (small wolves note: fear nothing change, or the more the more difficult it is to love, so looking forward to for you ~ ~ ~)

Go to theVenice, in good chips are prepared to enter the state, the results when packing, put the bag don't have my passport.
Can only be seen left...

Come to Las Vegas, how also get to play on the world's largest ferris wheel!
(the little grey Wolf note: don't you also encounter, strategy also didn't see you write - -!!)

The ferris wheel really good ~ ~ ~

Each box like craft, introduces several screen doing, visual can accommodate more than 10 people, a lap down to about half an hour.
High nearly fifty floors height, viewing the city night view of Las Vegas in the ferris wheel, visual perception is quite good, almost all the famous hotel or buildings can be seen.

From the Angle of so high, Las Vegas can see what the heck is a wonderful city.
Surrounded by desolate gobi and desert.
Is in the endless hamada build a gambling centered and world-famous holiday resort.
Numberless super luxury cars to the hotel, as well as the noble family from all over the world.
When the night comes, the marginal darkness, only a piece of land in the still sparkles with unique pd.

Come down from the ferris wheel, we had a lovely walk in the nearby supermarket, buy breakfast the next day.
And then...Can't go any farther!
Just walk to a half agghh!!!To say to want to live inside of the tower who give me out!!!!!!
(the little grey Wolf note: left three right three times his neck twisted bottom twisting, ~ ~ can you read this sentence, please!!!?!)
Although very uncomfortable, but I really go good tired ah, dragged his tired body crawl back to the hotel.
Have a good sleep, meet tomorrow's schedule.

DAY 7 2015/03/27

Scenic spots: grand canyon national park - fremont street
Night: Stratosphere Hotel & Casino (the Stratosphere tower Casino Hotel)
Our today's trip to one of the seven wonders of the world is to visit the grand canyon national park ~
Before seen the company's line, general and tour arrangements are XiXia, strategy above all say XiXia actually has been overexploited. (there are so many tourists visit)
So this time we chose another side - south gorge.
Las Vegas in the morning. I have a kind of small and pure and fresh feeling, ha, ha, ha.

Before coming to the United States we have a reservation for this project on the Internet.
The night before there will be a trip company contact you implement the concentration time and place tomorrow.
(remember that night received a phone call, I with small gray Wolf still wander in the strip, suddenly have a local phone calls in the United States, we also in what YY is fraud phone, didn't pick up to the first calculate, then think through to compare well, anyway, also didn't spend a lot of money, at least not hang 'hearts'. Ha ha ha ha, heard the phone after just know originally is tomorrow to take us to take the implement of the driver of a small plane to the phone. Almost hang up ~ that few seconds we but in brainstorming!)
After the room with breakfast, went to the hotel parking lot waiting for the driver.
Midway and Russian couple asked if we have booked the same project.
But we each other's English is too poor, use body language to communicate, ha, ha, ha.

Scheduled the car late, come out the long-awaited..
It's about ten minutes drive will be somewhere in a small plane.
Actually there are a lot of this type of small airport in Las Vegas, small aircraft land and take off everywhere.

Here is the boarding gate. Let us go to the one by one by one weighing, then the staff will give you stick a brand on the clothes, the above is written with your aircraft position.
Plane is small, so have strict request for the balance of weight (not all the fat man aside, the aircraft are crooked).
In the lounge there is various brief introduction language is available for reference.

To our boarding!!!
The commander of the front that is our handsome.

And our car.

Plane probably around can hold 20 people, a small plane.
To tell you the truth, at the time of traveling by plane, would have been turbulence, although the radio has stressed turbulence is a very normal matter, the pilot can control the smooth plane flight. But as soon as the plane "jitter", I can not but start YY various impact crash...Be afraid to spend it for 45 minutes.

Take off!

The plane with headphones, will broadcast way scenic spots.
We leap lake mead, the hoover dam, Harvey desert, south of wonders...Have to say that this fear is worth all the way.
The spectacular view to...Directly on the PIC!

After the landing, we to the grand canyon national park, where will we have a few hours of free time.
See the lovely little squirrel entering a door!!!!!!
Originally wanted to eat toast him, but with the group's foreign friends let us don't do that, because the little squirrel might hurt us.
( omega ) how sweet the handsome boy!!!!!!

As is known to all, the grand canyon is due to the Colorado river formed by the strong incised, winding circuitous spiral shape. Canyon on both sides are red rock fault, weapon with the nature of creativity of rock carving rugged mountainous.

The soil is mostly brown, but according to sun light intensity, rock will change the colour of blue, brown, red, and so on.

Distribution of the grand canyon rocks from the bottom to the top from the Cambrian to the various periods of Cenozoic strata, contains various geological s representative of fossils, so everybody call it "living geologic history textbook".

See for a long time will fatigue on!!!!
Ha ha ha ha, have a look at our lovely little squirrel in the steal food!!!! ( )

Back from the grand canyon, we passed the fremont street, take a look at this fully formed by the light of heaven.
Thought time we go around long after coming back from the grand canyon, but because tomorrow want to drive, to be on the safe side we ate at the hotel or quietly back to the room and rest after dinner.(the little grey Wolf note: hotel buffet is really quite is agghh ahhh!!!)

DAY 8 2015/03/28

Scenic spots: the horseshoe bay
Night: Stratosphere Hotel & Casino (the Stratosphere tower Casino Hotel)
Finally had a chance to say to the car!
Preface said we booked a car in HERTZ, location, early in the morning to pick up the car, the staff should not, we are standing at the counter ah, ah hope for half an hour, she didn't appear. Come after we sent the order with certificates of relevant to her going to take a car, and then the beautiful sister told us the car haven't ready, we should continue to wait!!!!!!Today's schedule is already very compact, unexpectedly also in these places is a waste of time, really very happy. We said since booked must be on time for the car we ah, beautiful sister is light said: "the car is some, is still a navigation, you didn't mention car navigation can be directly.".........For us this kind of Tony, come to the United States for the first time to run across the city, there is no navigation directions!Choking but had to obediently, etc. It's probably waiting for half an hour, beautiful sister finally give us the key to the car!
The car rental is really not easy!In the early morning all kinds of not great!
However, when we see the car after, what angry angry all disappear!
The car was too!Is!!!!
Because I have my own experience in the domestic car rental, car and residual ripped and dirty.
Already didn't how do think the car is good, but after see the car, really shocked!
There were at least eighty percent new, first of all, the car I don't see what models, but the interior is bright appearance, not the sort of use for a long time s sense;Second, is that the car is really clean. Remember that time I rent a car at home, with paper towel soda cans of soot, nausea don't don't of, but the car completely like new car delivery, no waste, inside and outside the car wash up well clean;Third, spacious cage!! In the car. Do you know, the co-pilot position, can I sat with two completely, really, long-so large.
I really fell in love with the Chevrolet in the United States, it's a pity that this model is not in China...(the little grey Wolf note: brother still quite eye!)

Driving in the United States, with the most is not the same as fuel in China.
Are basically self come on!
Although prior understanding to themselves, but to himself as a combination of various nervous!
Generally speaking, the tanker is divided into two kinds, one is direct credit card to enter, one kind is to the counter to buy with cash card.
After the credit card or oil card into card slot, choose the product, you can begin to come on.
Oil filled will automatically stop, so also need not worry about the oil with, ha ha ha ha.
A few days in the United States is I when the "oil" girl!New skills to GET to
But overall, I think self-serve or very convenient, can do things, can liberate the workforce.

Would like to introduce the car all forget today's main destination - horseshoe bay!
Is a section within the territory of the Colorado river in Arizona u-shaped channel, also a small section of the glen canyon, due to the huge rock shaped like a horseshoe bend around, so the name "horseshoe bay".Some call it the Colorado river Ω bends.
Because of the rental cost a lot of time in the morning, we didn't take long to get the car out Las Vegas until noon, on the side of the road McDonald's to solve then continue to hit the road.
Because the little grey Wolf must nap after a meal, so the next six hours are lr little red riding hood in the open!(the little grey Wolf note: did you know that it's in my life the most unreal 6 hours!!!!!! Scene comparable speed red hat sister!!!)
The scenery can only collect along the way.
We have been walking in accordance with the navigation guidance and don't know is that we haven't update or what navigation.
It leads us came to a deserted place, there is no any building no passers-by on the road, after turn into an alley, even the last car away from us, as if the whole stone desert area we left...
Since navigation instructions it, however, we didn't think much of it was that, after all, this site is not open, if the road is to want from these words also nothing strange.
And then...The nightmare...Is coming...
We drive in the car began to loosen the soil, the whole car was trapped!
Really don't fake!Mired in it!
No matter how I go, car wheels is deeper, like the sand dug a hole.
Scared we hurry to get off.
No way...What no shovels in the car...
I with small gray Wolf looked at a few eye, and then two people silently squatting on the ground one a wheel to dig, dig the wheel from the sand, and then with a rock with the rear wheels, can you drive to go see.
Lie prone on the ground to dig for half an hour, however, has no effect!
I the whole people is freaked out...That it's almost 6 PM, it is all set down the mountain, it doesn't even have a village nearby, let alone is a person, no street lights around, looking at everything in sight dim slowly, slowly cooling, air wilderness ridge, didn't eat not to drink, cell phone no one signal...When its direct call 911 for help.
But!!!!As we are desperate!God sent an angel to save us!
Two americans open jeep in the path!
We hurriedly block him, the idea was, down to the underworld what it doesn't matter, can pull us out.
Two americans who stop see our Chevrolet card will know what is the situation there.
Then the car very enthusiastically help us from the sandliraCome out!
Ah ~ ~ ~ ~ that moment
Really have no way to describe!Look at the two americans took the rope from his car, a tie himself to the rear of the head, a head to our car. Their car is the jeep, the base is very high, and powerful, as well as they know how to open, tie up after a foot pedal, the car out!
We are really grateful!At that time I have been in thanks!
Americans are also very polite, say we're going the wrong way, go to the horseshoe network without go here.
Also tell us what should go, but they still have things to do, so don't take us.
Although going the wrong way, though is likely to miss the to horseshoe bay but see the two devoted father and son to the United States, just like a lesson, no so-called.
We separated after, move on, get out of this terrible sand.
The results..No two minutes...The car stuck in the again...
Sigh agghh agghh agghh agghh agghh ahhh
Know what is a crash!What is despair!
Two American father and son at that time had gone, the two of us riding in the car, at the beginning of that kind of fear again.
No other cars to help, there is no way to take your car from the soft sedimentliraCome out.
We sat in the car, staring blankly is not way to, can only continue to get off, make final struggle...Dredging.
Dig! Dig, dig! Dig, I also have no concept of time, just all of a sudden a engine noise!
The two American father and son back!!!!!!!!!!!
He doesn't see us so long, so I decided to come back and visit.
My god!
Is going to take two eldest brother the excitement.
This time they also don't want to let our drive, son in front of their car, drive our fathers, we sat in the car, until they pull us back to the highway.
They teach that walk the road, can't walk the path, to go on both sides of the overgrown with weeds.
Because the grass roots will solid soil, so that the car can drive past.
This is the practical field survival skills!
(remember the college roommate in the jungles of books, I still smile she is going to do, now just know how important a skill that is!)
Thank you...Be grateful...Moved by...
I don't know to use what language to describe the mood at that time.
Can only say that there are everyone's idea of a love ~. Race gender age had nothing to do with this.
We do with the two American father and son had never met, but when we have difficulties, they will also be obliged to help us, already up because net clothes will help us on the mud without complaint.
This kind of pure, simple mind.
I am really a lesson.
(mixed feelings at the time, also have never thought to two eldest brother take pictures, ha, ha, ha.)

The car after officially out, the sun was already in the mountain, we don't know can not arrive before sunset.
According to the two American father and son to our instructions, 10 minutes.
The horseshoe bay.
Here everything is pure natural!No ticket, no staff, of course, also have no you imagine the guardrail,
By the time the horseshoe bay a lot of people are already down from the edge of the cliff.
We ran all the way.
To rob before the sun goes down at the last moment to see the beautiful scenery.
Horseshoe bay scenery is protean, noon time is often a clear water bay, and in the evening, the river will map out the color of the around rock, more attractive in the deep.
On the edge of a precipice, horseshoe bay has a lot of photography enthusiasts, with their long gun in the photo, a lot of perfect position didn't usurpation of the horse.
When we went to just for photographers to go, we went to the advantageous position.
Estimates are we so excited, beside the photographer brother worrying for us, always told us to be careful attention to safety.
Ha ha ha ha ~ in fact, we also just brush away from death, so will be very cherish life.
This photo!We use the extraordinary experience change back in a day!
In my opinion, it is worth.

In the horseshoe bay, it is completely dark.
General road will choose in the PAGE, a night god but we also need to back to Las Vegas.
It is a long six hours.
Along the way, basically we don't have a car business, there is no street lamp, on both sides is a and a mountain.
A straight road, without end.
Small gray Wolf said, if not put on the music, we have been talking again, estimates will be driving to mental illness.
B: well...Empathy...
That kind of feeling watching American horror film is the same with us!
To correct the horseshoe bay road is 15 16, 89 89. You don't be navigation pit again!
Blood and tears of lessons!
When the sky was full of stars, like water droplets that are all over the sky, very beautiful ~
PS: before
Bodies of animals that we saw a lot of the road, always don't understand what it is, the smaller the wolves a slam the brakes on, we just know, that is the rabbit...The rabbits across the road, not a car, jump out to see the headlights after scared silly stood in the middle of the road, the owner because there is no time to brake and directly in the past. (* _ * #) (small wolves note: actually I don't have a brake, when see a rabbit jump out to, instinctive response is slow, not brake die)
PS: before
Went back to the hotel after 2:00 is already 1 o 'clock, dragged his tired body want to head to sleep.
But tomorrow will be leaving Las Vegas, said the little grey Wolf how to gamble.
SO ~ we can play on size.
Play this actually also have no reason, just because the last time to go to Macao size has a small a few bet we play.
Now don't want to learn other spirit co., LTD., will continue to choose this to play.
We in the $one hundred, lost back.
And then playing playing, playing to be hard to open my eyes.
Even forget his just put a big or small.
Just like little gray Wolf said he would go back to sleep.
In return for your chips later found that won $one hundred dollars, ha ha ha ha ha.
Is not the white ~ (small wolves note: $100 in 10 minutes, that's a very handsome!!!)

DAY 9 2015/03/29

Scenic spots: no
Night: Sheraton Downtown Los Angeles (Sheraton hotel in Downtown Los Angeles)
We slept until noon to check out.
Properly to the spanish-american trip last station - Los Angeles!

Not the kui is the world's most the place that traffic jam, stays open until 5 o 'clock in the afternoon to reach more, after the car went straight to the hotel.
(in fact also car when I couldn't see the HERTZ staff's eyes, a brand new car, so we make with dirt.
ヽ ( ̄ д  ̄;)ノ)
Have to praise us the order of the hotel - sheraton hotel in downtown Los Angeles.
Modification of the hotel was, it has affected the lobby, also not convenient in and out of the elevator. But the room, nice and comfortable, staff is very reasonable and helpful, the location of the hotel is great, next is 7 street /The new townNear the center station, downstairs and Macy's, there are a lot of restaurants to choose from. Everything is ok!
Los Angeles is very big very prosperous, but also is of the highest crime rates.
So we have no plans to arrange what attractions in the evening, after dinner with close to the hotel, near the supermarket shopping just go back to ZhaShi.

DAY 10 2015/03/30

Scenic spots: avenue of stars - Chinese theatre - madame tussauds - dolby theatre - Beverly hills - rodeo drive - little Tokyo - Chinatown - union station
Night: Sheraton Downtown Los Angeles (Sheraton hotel in Downtown Los Angeles)
Up in the street / 7The new townCentral station to buy tickets to our first stop, avenue of stars.

This is the core of the Hollywood area. On the Hollywood walk of fame has as many as 2500 chapter terrazzo set a Hollywood star star, in order to show their outstanding contribution to a career in the entertainment industry. It is not only a musician, director, actor also includes mickey, goofy animated star.
The street was lined with plenty of Hollywood store is bo person eyeball!Clothes, shoes, pants, postcards, posters, even the simulation of the OscarjinPeople, all goods on Hollywood can get here.
Joint performance is not in the minority, they dressed up as the star, invite you to a group photo with them.

We came to Chinese theatre on Hollywood boulevard. With the Oriental art style of theatre had held several Oscar awards. In front of the empty land covered with film and TV stars hand and footprints. Know we'll find John woo. Ha ha ha ha ~
(the little grey Wolf note: I have found the Jackie chan eldest brother!!!!! But don't tell you!!!!!)

Out of the Chinese theatre is aim to Bruce lee's star!Ha ha ha ha ha!

Madame tussauds is on the side of the theatre. Although global wax museum is about the same, since I'm here to visit.
But here we come ~ little gray wolves play very joyfully!(' del `.).O

In the museum after a crazy came to dolby theatre, each year the Academy Awards will be held here.
There is not any nice ~

Behind the dolby theatre square, has a perfect location can see HOLLYWOOD a few words, many people are there taking pictures.

In one of the Souvenir shop look, gadgets are very interesting, but is...Your...~ (> _ <).\

To the Hollywood, we doing boring, went up to the smell of put on the tall in Beverly hills.
Los Angeles, the most luxurious residential area!Walking in the streets of Beverly hills, two rows of palm lay a piece of shade, everywhere can see a building after the luxury villa and courtyards, high-performance sports a barrage in front of the past!I heard that Jackie chan, jet li also has a property in here!?!
(we came by bus, seems to fit well, ha ha ha ha.)

After a Beverly hills at the gate of a school, just time, school school that a list of cars, more shocked than auto show.
Students are crossing the street don't know where to come up to a few traffic wardens in stopped the car on the road, let all the students passed away keep vehicles driving on.
The safety factor...
Here not only is home to many Hollywood stars mansion, also has the most luxury shopping street rodeo drive in Los Angeles.
Not a lot of people shopping here, the international line on both sides of the brand's flagship store.
Can play how far view cannot use ~

In addition to the water in the United States what drinks are cheap!!!!!!
2 dollars a bottle of mineral water, this bottle of such a big fruit juice is just $0.99.
Ha ha ha ha, want to drink to throw up.

We continue to take a bus to little Tokyo.
(thank you again for Google maps, it doesn't feel is nonlocal passenger, route lookup at random.)
Little Tokyo streets landscape, restaurant owner, window display, audio and video entertainment, everywhere is full ofJapanFlavor, so a little Tokyo said, is also unique exotic Los Angeles area.

After little Tokyo is essential to the Chinatown.
Chinatown with Chinese architectural style of the seventy s. The gate is equipped with ancient sweet patina China arched, red lanterns in the street, across the shop signs adopt Chinese characters.
Thought will find oldjinshanThat kind of simple neighborhood. It's a pity that no here...
Courty scattered a few street, street is a grocery store sell some unnecessary things, feeling just a ACTS have the shell of the region.
The world must food is behind the gluttonous feast of our greater China.
So we choose this time to Chinatown, Chinese food is to eat a stranger.
It's a pity that...
We randomly chose a restaurant to go in, do not say how cold and cheerless, a table for our guests.
The boss niang was warmly greeted us.
For we recommend a few dishes, selected then began to eat.
Nobody mainly restaurant, serving speed return calculate can.
Since we came in, the boss niang just kept talking to us.
Said her miserable life story...By biological parents from an early age, was aShanghaiNiang adoption, laterShanghaiMother married a German, she was sold to Germany, after a few years of miserable life in Germany, is himself smuggling to the United States, in the United States is very bad, be cheated ah owe a debt, and now has no place to live. (small wolves note: elder sister, do you still remember all the ah, also said he didn't listen to - -!!)
Listen I think she is poor, sorry to ignore her, she is telling me there is no sentence to respond.
Eat until they leave, she abandon us for a couple of dollars of tip is too little, she was so poor, we should give more directly asking for money!!!!
From that moment I was betting the fucking is a clip joint!ノ ヽ (≧ Д ≦)

Come back from China town, little gray Wolf took me to union station to visit.
This was built in 1939, hasSpainChurch in the style of the station, is ranked one of the most beautiful railway station in online.
(we look tube pass is union station on the back)

The closed ticket hall's biggest feature is now filming to film company, it is said that business was very good, can take two such work each week, there are a lot of movies are filmed here!< Pearl Harbor > < speed > and so on

Write here suddenly want to say, come to the United States for ten days. Every day can feel different people passed to our good will, enthusiasm, help. As long as we arrive in a strange place, located in or on the phone with a head-down map to find out, sometimes just a confused look in the eyes, there will be the man to ask whether we need help. This is my life in China more than 20 years has not felt warm. After coming back from America does in a period of time not too orientation,Such asIn the road, in the United States is everyone nodded with a smile, to face the familiar compatriots to meet domestic is one indifferent expression. Sometimes really want to know, asCity,City, why are we here have no the friendly...

DAY 11 2015/03/31

Scenic spots: the Los Angeles city hall - universal studios
Night: Sheraton Downtown Los Angeles (Sheraton hotel in Downtown Los Angeles)
Up in the morning, when I went to the station by Los Angeles city hall.
All the body of the building construction materials collected from California local soil and water, at the top of the tower design to follow the "seven wonders of the worldsolaThe mausoleum. We didn't go inside, quick glance went away.

Get in to a long-awaited universal studios!!!!!!

Paradise in Hollywood film combined with advanced special effects technology, create the most cutting-edge technology of the world's top attractions.
Including the Jurassic park rapids boat, mummy revenge on a roller coaster, and transformers, 4 d ride equipment such as yellow man,
Going to bring in a virtual space and time, we experience the adventure.

We booked online front line, is so cool, all projects do not need to line up (small wolves note: in fact is there is an opportunity to pinching one hour, an hour to play the second time the same project, have no pinching), in a day to play together all of the project is not problem!It is highly recommended!(especially if you see someone in a long queue, you easily when they walk in front of that frank is not kidding.)

Shrek 4 d cinema: it is the universal studios Hollywood rides. You will be the first encountered in this can really into movies, experience the omni-directional stereo sense of shock.

Yellow: sit with the images and sound moved greatly screens, gives a person the sense with real danger pledge, yellow people really good lovely oh!Melting ~

Transformers: the most striking is it!!!!!!Sitting inside the machine!Completely can't tell what is real what image!2:00 that empty feeling of falling real actual!!!!!!Recommended!!!It is highly recommended!

Jurassic park: form vivid dinosaurs, dangerous exotic Jurassic jungle and cruise from the stimulation of diving into the water, or escapes the fate of all wet!Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Mummy revenge: it is the mummy!Why not simply terrorist!Soon sit down train acceleration and acceleration vertical to fall off!No hold!Don't have any mental preparation!The whole feeling of various vertical hung with my eyes closed!Not to say that the multiplex...Suddenly to a real roller coaster really frighten urine so...(below is play in front of the various excited, after coming out is all sorts of legs tremble.) (small wolves, you this little Tony, ah)

The project is the most distinctive studios Hollywood studios Tour (Studio Tour), the world unique ferris wheel leads visitors through the field real Hollywood studios, personal feeling disaster flood explosion and other special scene filming process. Also is the only one who can't cut in line of the project...

To universal studios, with 1 to 25 cents more cents, because in many theme park entrance can use COINS COINS in the machine to want!Our yellow people with transformers ~ (low ゝ omega) ノ ヽ ( < low)

Laugh the whole day, facial muscles so tired!Ha ha ha ha ha!
We rode to the nearest wal-mart to buy small partners hand letter. All kinds of food and drink to play to use, more than the harvest!
There are a lot of the lipstick of covergirl oh ~

DAY 12 2015/04/01

Scenic spots: the third shopping pedestrian street - Santa monica beach
Night: Sheraton Downtown Los Angeles (Sheraton hotel in Downtown Los Angeles)
To come up in the morning, after the third shopping pedestrian street, is closest to the Santa monica beach walking street!
One to hold on to enter the condition to buy buy buy ~
Get to Santa monica beach a few big bag of loot.

This beach is good,
But we go when the weather is a little cold, not many people swimming, is more of a tan on the beachThe sunBath.
Lazy than foreigners, I was all excited, the ocean ah ~ (small wolves note: I only excited to see the sunshine beach & hot babes!!)

DAY 13 2015/04/02

Scenic spots: Disneyland
Night: Sheraton Downtown Los Angeles (Sheraton hotel in Downtown Los Angeles)
Originally, we are going to go to San Diego today, but at the time of the previous query route, still found the problem
Time is too long...(not do ah!
Reasoning, play or go to Disneyland to Los Angeles this Disney is the world's first Disneyland.

Disneyland is divided into Disneyland and California adventure, I with small gray wolves are not that kind of special feelings, ha, ha, ha,
Almost at the same time chose to California adventure park.

Because there are no tickets in advance, the relationship between each project basically to line up an hour or two.
Don't stimulate the facilities is not, but with Disney's characteristics.
To be honest, I still think universal studios attracts a little more.
(in fact, we also want to in the past six flags magic mountain, it's a pity that time is not allowed. Whoops.)
Basic project played after they returned to the hotel ~ way a convenience store to buy a ice cream to eat. Forget how much money, it's just a matter of a few dollars. Ha ha ha ha ha!

DAY 14 2015/04/03

Scenic spots: Citadel Outlets
Night: Sheraton Downtown Los Angeles (Sheraton hotel in Downtown Los Angeles)
Today!Is pure shopping day!!!!!!
Buy buy buy three times ~ ~ important things, a. ' (3 `) ノ
Although many travel notes above are recommended to Desert Hills, but it really too far away from the town, so we chose to close the Citadel of Outlets.
Although say size not Desert Hills, but the basic are readily available, high-grade brand can satisfy the basic needs of our this little Tony.
Here realized said before our departure, two boxes, four box back. Hee hee,
Super rich loot ~
The Citadel Outlets to return to the hotel on the bus, again feel good from the American people.
The location of the car has no two people, basically just one or two left scattered single seat, but you see we have so many things, have to I move a double a.
This sweet!!!!!!When domestic only!!!!!!

DAY 15 2015/04/04

The last day, the morning wake up feeling beautiful west air.
We, come home.
CX885(13:00/18:55+1) KA786(20:20/21:25)

The United States, we will come again.

to be continued...