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American West Freedom Travels

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  • The time of departure/The 2013-08-02
  • Travel days/Eight days
  • figure/Family outings
  • The per capita cost/3500RMB

The United States, on a very tall place, since the childhood grew up watching TV, I amThe United StatesIs a word: yearning.Powerful such prosperous developed, wealthy countries has always been my dream, because this time exchange places had the opportunity to come to schoolThe United StatesSouth CarolinaThe study for half a year, by the wayThe United StatesThe numerousChina city.First of all to aThe United StatesTour in the west of the car, make a brief introduction of the western part of the famous attractions, because I am very lazy, home after six months slowly sorting photosIf you have any question can ask me, I will try to answer.
Travel time: 2013.8.2-8.8
Cost: about 3500 RMB
On line:
Los Angeles,--Las Vegas,--Zion national park- bryce canyon national park --Salt Lake City--YellowstonePark --YellowstonePark bear world --Jackson town--The grand canyon national park--Los Angeles,
On the flight:
I bought a skyteam is southern airlines plane, fromguangzhouDirect to theLos Angeles,。
About the visa:
Because I am a student exchange, so a visa for visiting scholars and exchange J1 visa.
Under a tourist visa for everyone to handle way: application process 1, fill out the online DS - 160 non-immigrant visa application form, and print out with a bar code "confirmation page".【 note 】 : all applicants, including children must be submitted online DS - 160 tables, and interview at the embassy or consulate in time take print out "confirmation page".To keep in mind the DS - 160 code in order to make an appointment to interview time.2, pay visa application fee.【 precautions 】 : after completion of payment, to print a receipt number and safekeeping.Once lost, will not be able to replace.If you don't provide a receipt number, will not be able to make an appointment.3, make an appointment to interview time.By paying fees used when login credentials to the personal data page.4.Directly bring all data (including all kinds of certificate) to the local consulate.
About insurance:
In the domestic insurance is much cheaper than in foreign countries, tourism can consider, if the plane can choose whether to buy insurance, dealing with when boarding pass directly put forward.
About communication:
The United StatesNow has four major Mobile operators, according to the big to small, Verizon Wireless (bought Alltel), AT&T Wireless, Sprint Nextel (acquired Nextel), t-mobile USA.What I choose is t-mobile operators, including monthly package are: $50 a month: 1 gb traffic and unlimited phone calls and text messages.$60 a month: 3 gb traffic and unlimited phone text messages.(I use this enough) : $70 a month 5 gb traffic and unlimited text messages and phone calls.$80 a month: unlimited traffic general travel short calls and text messages can choose $50 a month package, if you don't need to use phone calls and text messages can be directly through the Internet card is more convenient, inLos Angeles,Chinatown, monterey park is very easy to buy.

Around the point specific introduction:
The first station --Las Vegas,:
The United StatesThe largest desert's desert of pearl city --Las Vegas,。Las Vegas,(Las Vegas) isThe United StatesNevadaOne of the mostCity,City, centering on the gambling industry's huge tourism, shopping, vacation industry and famous, is one of the world famous resort, with "entertainment capital of the world" and "the marriage" the laudatory name.From a huge playground to a real flesh and blood, vibrant city, the city is with a hotel characteristic landscape, every hotel has its salient features and amusement facilities, so each yearLas Vegas,Travel 38.9 million passengers, to shopping and enjoy food accounted for most of come to gambling accounted for only a few.Just had to stay here two days, really feel the night how the world of luxury, various bars were filled with dancing hostess, tourists the casino to gamble, play play.On the streets of the ubiquitous small wedding is said to be in to $20 can grade to get married.Special remind, inThe United States21 years old to be adults, so a 21 years old can't drinking and gambling.

inLas Vegas,I think is to look at the hotel, each hotel has its own features and performance, including 10 characteristic hotel: a MIRAGE MIRAGE) : the door of the hotel is the famous volcano TREASURE ISLAND (TREASURE ISLAND) pyramid (LUXOR) : as the name implies imitationEgyptThe pyramids and the sphinx caesars palacemandalayBeautiful spring BAY (MANDALAY BAY) (MGM BELLAGIO) (MGM GRAND)New York,New York,(NEW YORK NEW YORK) Venice(VENETIAN) Arthur EXCALIBUR (EXCALIBUR).inLas Vegas,Can be seen everywhere in the carLincolnAnd all kinds of cars,Car rentalThere are different prices.
Zion national park:
Mount zion is located in theThe United StatesUtahSouthwest, well known for its colorful canyon.Canyon deep in 2000 ~ 3000 meters, the steep valley walls, almost can be vertical with the ground state, dangerous, difficult to climb, daunting.Valley rock color is gorgeous, a dark red, orange, violet, pink color, in the set off of sunshine, colorful, fickle.Mount zion was Mormon pioneers of the holy land, is the meaning of "zion" is "the city of god".Now mount zion as pilgrims to the holy land, gradually forgotten, as the place of people entertainment has become a real "paradise on earth".According to legendZion national parkIn autumn the most beautiful, many people come here to have a picnic here.

Bryce canyon national park:
Bryce canyon national park.Located in theThe United StatesUtahSouthwest, its name is the word canyon, but it is not real canyon, but along the PangShaGang plateau to the east, into the huge natural amphitheater by erosion.Its unique geographic structure known as the rock pillars, by wind, water and ice in the river erosion and lake beds of sedimentary rock.It's red, orange and white rock formed a unique natural landscape, so it is known as the palace of natural stone figurines.

Salt Lake City:
The winter Olympic Games venueSalt Lake City。Salt Lake City(English: Salt Lake City, S.L.C.), isThe United StatesUtahThe capital and the mostCity,City, rankedThe United StatesThe western inland city third, behindDenverandPhoenix,.Is close to the great salt lake, winter ski resort.

Yellowstone national park,(hereinafter referred to asYellowstonePark, English: YellowstoneNationalPark) is located in theThe United StatesWyoming、MontanaandThe state of IdahoThe junction, mostly located inThe United StatesWyomingWithin the boundaries, is the world's first national park.YellowstonePark with its abundant wildlife species and is known for its geothermal resources, old faithful geyser is the most famous attractions.In the park have many types of ecosystems, including mainly the alpine forest.Is the largest lake in the park is located inYellowstoneThe center of the volcanoYellowstoneLake, is the wholeIn North AmericaOne of the largest high-altitude lakes region.YellowstoneThe volcano isIn North AmericaSuper volcanoes, of the largest and is still active in the past two million years it has several times in a burst of great power.Spewing lava and ash has covered most parts of the park.Thanks to its continued active, half of geothermal resources in in the worldYellowstoneThe park area.

YellowstonePark is so big, in May need to set aside enough time, we are booked through a travel agency to the cabin in the gardens, and is said to be a lot of early reservation, go to night temperature in August and I still only about 1 to 2 degree, so my clothes are ready, the benefits of living cabin and can close contact with animals, may open the door can see the deer and bear what of, is very interesting, plan and a friend must pay attention to the time:YellowstonePark a total of five entry, go out to 11.11 days and 11.11 days basically can enter all the year round, but all the door opening time is different, you want to get to the Internet check confirmed as well.And the park is a free day, you look it up in the early can save a small fortune.If someone wants to rent car to play, the more you want to make it earlier and the location of the park to have a temporary docking stations.

The grand canyon national park:
The United StatesThe Grand Canyon (Grand Canyon) is a world-famous natural wonders, due to the Colorado river passing through them, so the name againThe grand canyonIt is the United Nations educational, scientific and cultural organization chosen as one of the natural heritage protected.Indian legends, the grand canyon is formed in a flood.God then turn humans into fish rock, beginning to survive.So the local indians still don't eat fish.Actually, carved carved work in the grand canyon, the work is not happen overnight, but experienced the long years of billions of years, and still not rest, until forever.Humans cannot perceive inscribed progress every day, but the evolution of time, but shows the concept of wei can't believe it.

Los Angeles,——downtown
Los Angeles,(City of Los Angeles, abbreviated as L.A., la for short) is a seat inThe west coast of the United StatesCity, covers an area of 1214.9 square kilometers.Los Angeles,Long beach -The Santa anaMetropolitan area with a population of 13 million.Big [8]Los Angeles,The scope of the area covered by the larger, including five county, about 18 million people.Los Angeles,Located in theThe United StatesSouthwest of CaliforniaThe United StatesThe secondCity,, second only toNew York,,The United StatesThe largest seaport.The world culture, science, technology, international trade and higher education center, one of also has the world famous in the field of all kinds of professional and cultural organizations.The area of the city and is close to the,Los Angeles,Has been toThe United StatesPetroleum chemical industry, Marine, aerospace industry and electronics industry's largest base, it isThe United StatesOne of the main center of science and technology, haveThe United StatesThe largest seaport in the west and holds the title of "science and technology city".Los Angeles,Be inThe United StatesafterNew York,The financial center.On March 5, 2014Los Angeles,Decision in some public places, restaurants, bars, parks and other smoking area), electronic cigarette is prohibited.

This is not generally apartment, old people, inside very incomplete, my great-uncle stay here.

Other: this last few photo is inLos Angeles,The CHINATOWN CHINATOWN, you can see some earlyThe United StatesOr in theThe United StatesLife of the poor people's living environment, at the beginning of my great-uncleThe United StatesIs also located here, lucky to stay in the old apartment now, so young,The United StatesDream is not everyone to do, want to do, go struggle.Then I will be publishedThe United StatesA fewCity,The detailed strategy of city, if you like dear friends continue to focus on my bai, there isNew York,,Los Angeles,,In Seattle,,Chicago,South Carolina,Boston,University of north CarolinaStates,Atlanta,,charlotteAnd so on."Coming soon