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Two people, seven days, the long-awaited Christmas in New York

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  • Departure time / 2013-12-19
  • Travel days / 9 days
  • People / couple
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New York , has been a long-awaited dream city. 
Not only because of its beauty seen countless times in movies and photographs, but also because you want to feel it is the most representative of the American modern culture. The most important is because last year saw her boyfriend to shoot their own documentary, too beautiful too attractive. 
So his first article dedicated to travel in New York , but also in order to better help you remember the trip. Landlord Sui Suinian words and photos may be a lot, because more than words and I love photography features, forgive me ha ha ha. 
Look before you go travel not a lot, because we are a lot of New York and Washington , Bostonand other cities near other to play with. And this time we wanted to get a better feel of New York, of course, eating and Christmas shopping is also very important. 
Landlord in Canada go to school, we have a Toronto direct to New York, the bus, and I was lucky enough to brush the name Ding Ding knife mega bus! ! ! 
*** Knife buy tickets early to determine experience is your travel dates, and then began a long brush site bar. Started two months ahead of general concern. I checked the Internet that it is generally a bus also twelve knife, so filling it. Also this company in North America, a lot of places, so I plan in North America travel websites you can go to check. 
Bus like to do because it can bring the trunk, suitable than the plane, she checked her boyfriend last year to pay more to fly dozens of knife. But also because they can depart in the morning to the evening, and then you feel a step closer in New York ! ! This feels really particularly good! 
We airbnb given the hostel. (This is a fantastic site! Boyfriend last year to New York is looking for here, before we go to Montreal artists are also given a small house.) Many related websites, Internet connection check. 
However, recently the site in New York banned, it is estimated that US imperialism especially in New York that the rich and powerful tycoons hotel feel threatened. but! There are still many people, including our trip to the landlord insisted. Also be careful when booking, if you do not let a lot of people through this Website Payments, then in all likelihood it is a liar! ! So carefully check a good, see more of the previous comments is very important. 
Tour New York is very important task is! go! So place to stay is very important, and we lived in 30th Street between Seventh and Eighth Avenue, Macy's is the greatest out and MadisonSquare Garden, to go forward on the Time Square and the famous Fifth Avenue. The most important thing is to have more than 8,9 subway here in the New York subway is really too important! ! ! (My roommate in my unlucky urge to go after the New Year countdown, the first move is not the brain, and then also live long island. Members A, the front is really important to do research Ah !!) 
In addition, the New York way is really easy to recognize, you press the number row, like me Luchi in Toronto a year and a half does not know which is which, and in New York a day probably know how the story. 

A little more than nonsense  The following recall it started ...... 
Day 1: Time Square, Fifth Ave, MoMA 
Day 2: Chinatown, Joe's shanghai, Little Italy 
Day 3: Macy's, Vintage Subway, East Village, SOHO, Union Square. 
Day 4: Central Park, Shopping, Nolita, Time Square 
Day 5: B & H, Chelsea Market, Highline, Rockefeller Center. 
Day 6: Brooklyn, Brooklyn Bridge, South Ferry. 
Day 7: Shopping 
The first day ...... Time Square, Fifth Ave, MoMA 
We December 19 evening from Toronto ride, stop in the middle to go through customs ( UScustoms so fierce, back to Canada when customs just as warm as the neighborhood aunt.) 
At 6:00 on the 20th, we entered New York , came to Manhattan . And we get off to walk away from the accommodation less than ten minutes. Since before the landlord and good contact, so he gave us six in the morning to open the door to let us put aside the baggage of rest, gave us prepare the coffee, and we talked for a long time, because he is Niuyue Daxue teach photography, so talk and her boyfriend especially coming! ! (This is the hotel stay immeasurably warm) 
In New York, the first breakfast is the house, the landlord recommended deli, several MexicanCock wire busy in full swing, and still with a Spanish greeting language and regular customers.In short! So delicious that you forget to take pictures. 
Then runaway mode is activated, from home to Times Square, Fifth Avenue and Sixth Avenue.On some photos of it, the next will be a lot of oh FIG. 
** Times Square at night photography will look great, and other lights are lit up during the day according to kinda Cock wire. 

TIP: fifth-largest road due to the Christmas period will be a variety of window exhibition, Tiffany, I think the most beautiful, of course, feel a bit vulgar into the legend of the elevator. 
Next we come to the name Ding Ding, the long-awaited MoMA ( Museum of Modern Art ), is our most important stop today. 
TIP: Because this day is Friday, every Friday at four o'clock start here for free! !  ! So during the day we did not dare to go far, has been hanging around. 
MoMA inside a lot of American modern culture works, and I love Andi Ge works are oh. Of course, when I face the sky van Gogh, Monet's water lilies, Picasso painting depicting a woman when, really could not help feeling, my mother, is really authentic Ah, so leave me so close Ah! ! 

TIP: a main entrance MoMA Middle East . The food truck in New York streets are Middle Eastern food, but this legend the best! So never let go! But here, a total of several front and back doors, but do not worry, go the longest queue, squatting next to most people would not go wrong. We bought a chicken and lamb mix of rice, as well as a wrap. 
** Really good to eat a large volume of a two people absolutely enough. 
MoMA has its own store, and so free before four o'clock, we go early on the first visit a bit.Things are not cheap, so only willing to buy a small notebook Andi Ge. (Boyfriend Andi Ge diehard powder, bought a lot of things last year, when we have a huge family to come here to Monroe, was often used as photographic props appear haha.) 

Water lilies, a long big one 

To be honest I really do not understand a lot, but learned a little painting before her boyfriend, so I gave a talk about his likes dislikes. I see a bustling, listen Lehe. 
** There are New York many, many museums are worth around town, like the Natural History Museum, the Metropolitan Afghanistan and so on. We had originally intended to go to the Metropolitan, but there are many in my Andi Ge masterpiece, but time is tight, even if the Mets all day visiting the finish, so we left to the next time. 
Out of the dark days, dark Fifth Avenue found more beautiful, and so lit up, so a lot of Kacha. 
The back is tired of the United States to Tiffany store, across the street in order to photograph the whole oh. 

Continue to stroll, head to the nearby Central Park and Fifth Avenue. Hurts dead can not walk, to buy a weekly pass the subway home. 
TIP: New York go by subway is really the first choice, very convenient and fast, so if you want to stay here for more than five days, then buy a week pass absolute value. But the landlord can not help Tucao, the New York subway is too dirty and messy te it, and many cities of comparable railway station. 
Or close to home, casually into a shop (morning deli next door), with another group of Mexicanbrother bought two pieces of pizza, then it was amazing to! ! (To New York must eat pizza, although this would be to say the Italian laughed, but New York who really love to eat pizza. They usually fold up holding a bite, very interesting. ** Sure to eat with your hands, do not people find that knife and fork is a joke ha.) 

Really looked very ordinary, but delicious! ! ! Happy to meet plus weary end of the first day. 
the next day…… 
After the first day of the runaway, so hard to get up in the morning! Noon to cook at home after a coffee, go! 
To go down today, this going to ground zero, there is a memorial site 911 Wall Street, but metro ride temporary intermediate stop saying what you want to drive directly to Brooklyn . 
** Looks like the New York subway so often, we go to listen carefully each time do a broadcast, that's not particularly fast repeat 
But unfortunately we get off quickly, and then found the opposite to be able to go to chinatown subway. So we changed the casual line, chinatown to eat a lot of my friends have recommended Shanghai dumplings soup -Joe's shanghai. 
Then found, in New York 's chinatown is one area, and all the stairs of the old building on the outside, than Toronto is a vertical road pretty much, I feel good for movie Ah! ! 
Although the Chinese in Toronto than in New York , delicious, especially Guangdong cuisine.But nothing really delicious soup, so this must go! ! Sure enough, the door is the longest team!More to look forward to! 
So I brought the number went photography. While many New York friends say this is for tourists, but really still very tasty. It was about forty minutes now, and finally to us! A large table and go after people fight the table, the store tourists. 
We ordered duck, and crab meat dumplings. Now I think mouth water! ! ! From sitting next tothe United States a pair of young lovers in the South, to see a foreigner eating soup really good laugh, get a plate of juice, he saw my boyfriend ordered a Tsingtao beer a point, and we toast. Then after we give him a taste of the duck, he said it was his first time to eat duck, then I differences, and difficult road really is fried chicken barbecued ribs every day what. 
Across a family of four Japanese people eat quietly, close to many stores in Japanrecommended magazine, it is estimated they are attracted to. 

I waited a long position, resulting meal was surprised to find out the days are dark, but still not to delay the camera. 
In addition, chinatown durian is particularly worth buying, especially sweet fresh wrap, there is a sale durian little brother also always the newspaper. Foreigners say tastes like ice cream. 
We continue to walk next door is a small Italian . 
Although there are restaurants, but also very Christmas atmosphere, all kinds of lights and decorations. Interesting here is standing outside the hotel soliciting brother, a full black suit and a cigarette, with mafia-like. 
Because when we went to the sky really for the United States, a temperature of 20 degrees, so we stroll around to find a shop out of sitting start dinner. (Although just finished soup, but still come to taste ha ha) 

Buy handmade ice cream gelato, my favorite fruit happy, holding walking and eating. 

Big Brother while cigar while pumping volume, zen is too range of children! 

To Showmanship, every battle are particularly large, very busy, oh. 

Allelic time course, ultimately, photographed it ~! 

After dinner walk on the streets, in the small gift shop souvenirs for friends Amoy. Behind this very good, although a little expensive, but there is nothing new water than those of a child of I love NY more. 

Photographers and naughty! ! 

Dangdang when! ! Photographic photographer to not love the country. Of course, to tell you in December in New York in the end how good weather!  The man was wearing a shirt just sitting outside drinking! ! In fact, at the moment Toronto is snow snowstorm power outages disasters, we are too lucky escape (my roommate unfortunate reminder countdown to the New Year, to catch up with New York snow storm, he said he ordered bad !!) 
And then continue to walk, came to Brooklyn Bridge (night nobody quite strange, I pulled away her boyfriend ha ha, I was super coward) and then glanced at the municipal government.Return home! 
Well, on the first finish here ~! Although only write a couple of days, but it was an afternoon passed. I want to change clothes after work and rough door blue friend for dinner. The first travel writing, memories tumbling good fun Ah ~ ~ ~ 

Memories continue Haha, last night with her boyfriend says he is in travel writing, he said, to see. So zhao cake, pressure Alexander, and had their own memories of the play, he knew he wanted to see, and I wrote some literary sad words, put tenderness woman  . But I think for a long time I really just fit Cock wire, continue annoying chatters it ...... 
On the third day ...... Vintage Subway, East Village, SOHO, Vintage Stores, Shopping, Union Square. 
Beautiful third day, because the landlord of the foundation with the sample is not enough, and so will her boyfriend sad to go change the itinerary chelsea market eat brunch. Although he is this very reluctantly, but two days later I went with him, and will be introduced later Oh, well there super recommended. 
So we rounded out the first Macy's home near 34th Street and bought some cosmetics. Here is our last day of the trip is important because, although the United States the main black friday discounts, but still there after christmas sale of. No nonsense here first. 
Next, we'll take the subway to go to a nearby Second Ave lunch. But surprise is that we met in New York every year until last month Christmas retro metro. 
Landlord before seen on the microblogging been introduced, so originally planned this evening after this point go underground, and this is 13 December last one yet, I did not expect to be met very lucky! ! !  
TIP: Retro Metro is the annual December every Sunday there is, then to Queens Plaza from 2Ave lot. The New York public is also very excited, will dress up to go to the subway. 

End, Queens Plaza. Because we have to sit back eat, hey. Landlord specially painted retro point, for the subway, to see more want to ride it. Due to this day that it would rain, the umbrella also with her boyfriend and then the way when the props. 

Good strong through to catch the foot of the 1930s, they seem to come out, like Mad Men, but I am good good fat swollen Ah, worry Sang! ! 

Really well done, ad compartments are also done very retro. Especially good- looking. 

A parking space to the front or, who knows. 
In short, end up out of the subway, is the East Village. We live in the moment than the nearby open a lot. East Village artists district, around very simple taste, then walked a short distance to the boyfriend insisted on coming Katz's. A Jewish restaurant. 
Many people just know where known, is a big reason the movie "When Sally meets Harry" one of the classic clips in this shooting. 

Zhang is zei, and I give you a specially google. Actress facing pastrami Sanming rule played a climax, Keke, interested in your own video bar, the landlord too shy. However, the most classic is the actress finished, a lady with a waiter and said: I'll have what she's having !!! ha ha ha ha!!  Ago knew a good laugh. 
But when we went in dumbfounded. 

Katz's Delicatessen

This te What movies are not so many people Ah! ! ! 

Katz's Delicatessen

This is where the famous beef Sanming ruled. Was simply a lot of smoked beef with mustard on the bread, then you can order some pickled cucumbers. Before we go to Montreal, they also eat a company called wet socks (transliteration their landlord, in short, it is also very famous) beef Sanming governance. This pure meat food mad love! ! We must not let go encounter Ah!! ! 
TIP: This will queue the door is a small ticket, then go to a single point directly to the waiter that they will draw a small ticket, and then look to sit for dinner (and most people fight the table), a meal at the door line up with the small ticket checkout. Do not lose the small ticket! ! (Although we only use a small ticket, but also to another blank back) 
After a tasty meal casually stroll in the East Village bar. We are not necessarily going to trip attractions queue is their stroll is a good feeling. According to enjoy it, after all look full of memories. 

** By the way forgot to introduce our travel brochures:. Lonely planet - New York City this book really useful, we have relied on where to go! You will have all the basic information. (An accompanying map and subway map Oh ~!) 
For example, the landlord is vintage control, nothing to go visit a love antique shops, it can be said like junk haha. So I want to Amoy treasure this point, the book also introduced a lot of antique shops. Which is near the East Village, we got down on the map. 
TIP: This is not so much tourist region, (and possibly faster when we went Christmas). This neighborhood has a lot of good and SOHO shop worth visiting. As for what kind of want to visit on the Internet to look into more, visiting the tired just looking for a small coffee shop a great taste, rest photographic slow down the Internet, no need to travel too hastily. 
Then my next trip today antique Taobao found three antique shops, bought a sweater and a Christmas parcel. It will appear next to the photo haha. 
Walked we found we came 14th Street, near here last boyfriend to live in their own. We first went to Union Square Christmas Market. 
TIP: Since the time when the Christmas period, New York many places Christmas markets.There will be a lot of unique handicrafts and snacks, such as grilled bacon wrapped in something chocolate. 
Union Square heard the most interesting, we simply stroll down. Toronto is also the landlord is also very enthusiastic. So Datong small differences have not stay too long. 

TIP: far from the Empire State Building is beautiful, there are bright lights this Christmas atmosphere Christmas lights during the night and it seems there will be seven light show.Boyfriend saw shot down a little bit, that would be my pick is shoes. Haha 
** Again, camera annoying chatters. Her boyfriend said, the Empire State Building for the afternoon of 3,4 points to line up. So you can take during the day, evening, and night all the lights lit in New York last year, he is himself a Cock wire above the station for a long time, we have to take very satisfied. So like the camera can refer to, but it should also refer to the weather, this time to December, I will not allow him to bring me. (I am the ghost of the legendary hypocritical  ) 
By the way, pick shoes! The next stop is the market down. Because her boyfriend last year to visit the DSW (design shoes warehouse), is a discount store selling all kinds of shoes ( New York several oh), he had to buy more than 30 knife super good shoes, a lot of the price is very appropriate, recommended Oh! 

This is what I buy small sweater oh, and quickly put on. How, enough Christmas it. This is the shoe shine, you can see the distant Empire State Building, and downstairs Christmas markets.To be selected from the point of view of the camera like a man ~! 
Landlord here Amoy pair of boots, many of them at a discount to engage in activities, although the landlord to buy cheap not too much, but liked (and shoes clarks this brand, and this quality looks very good, oh. Boyfriend English also clark, so more like it. a landlord is really good love Sui Suinian !!), but also than in Toronto a lot of the right, it is still happy to fart Britain Britain ended the third day, go home. 
Day ...... Central Park, Macy's, Nolita, SOHO, Time Square. 
I heard immediately cooling, today we're going to have to take a stroll outdoors. Unfortunately, after getting discovered, tragedy, rainy day! Simply come to a lazy brunch, pretending to be the real new yorker it. 
I carefully selected after a yelp, selected a Friedman's home near 31 Street. 
Facts have proved that! I choose to eat is simply too praised! ! We would like to be able to search the Internet to view, black brand is very easy to walk, oh, we are  . 
Subway going up, went to Central Park. In fact a way where Lennon was killed, then gave her boyfriend talked about how it speaks. Then walked far away came to commemorate Lennon's Strawberry Fields. 

** Column Mr. Lennon, listening to imagine, the name of the umbrella, we see you before Christmas day. Found that a lot of people are afraid of you come alone, I wish you a Merry Christmas. (Landlord Love means literary young woman, Tan Shou ......) 
TIP: Central Park is really great, we do not intend to visit the north. Going to look at the most important Lennon memorial. Then all the way through the park to go down the subway. 

Central Park is really beautiful, but unfortunately there are not many photos of rain. (Note that sweater oh, oh packet must spend  ) 
You can also visit the Central Park carriage, but the landlord feel this move is very ridiculous tourists, and the horse to stop where it is too te stink. So to see their hobby. 
Had intended to walk the Brooklyn Bridge, but the rain is really big, so the line is once again free to change to the landlord - shopping plus go home and change, ohhh poor boyfriend powerless Tucao ha ha ha. 
Wandered in the evening, we went and her boyfriend in New York friend of appointment of the restaurant, said to be New York 's first pizzeria in Nolita (really sorry I really do not remember the name). The original stove that baked out, and only one point of a large sheet, did not like the snack bar on the point of a really high-end atmosphere on the grade. In short the drawing. 

The landlord would love to say a big truth, in fact, not for myself I did not remember the name of sophistry, and my boyfriend feel really very general, or the door of the Cock wire Mexicanbrother who eat well. 
But having said that, the four of us, the two sheets or eat pizza. 
After dinner, went across the street to eat a rice pudding, it is too delicious! !  ! You can choose a lot of taste We chose chocolate and hazelnut kernels Larry Huang Youxing of rum point is also good friends. Then we walked a few steps in the distance, went to a bar to drink wine chat.
Came out a simple stroll under the SOHO, subway going home. But also said that her boyfriend would have to go to Times Square and then walk around. Then Kacha many beauty shine tonight, Oh roar! ! 

*** Landlord still can not help stop the annoying chatters at Times Square, in fact, something else would have been called a Square, but! Is arrogant New York Times! Came, then renamed to this end. Landlord and her boyfriend are the media industry, especially the New York Times he brain residual powder, so I did not know this story ha ha ha. Next time you go can also introduce Kazakhstan and his companions, act as if research has been very rich. 

TIP: Many of these will be near Times Square, the Statue of Liberty wearing Ah, various Batman Man, Mickey Mouse, as well as small yellow people who this year. They will ask you not according to the camera, then took was to give tips oh. Do not watch ran meal photos. 

It is next door to Broadway, originally we were going to see Phantom of the Opera. but! First of all to queue up for tickets, then I want to come early to line up, it is not suitable for the landlord to stay away casual stroll around, so next time ha ha ha. Godfather boyfriend look at last year, said to be very good. 
** But during Christmas in New York there are a number of other performances, radio city of lap dance or something, but unfortunately no interest plus your ticket decisively not included in the plan. Many people say a good read, and only during Christmas there is also very special, so according to their purpose of travel, you are looking at the election. 

See the Empire State Building will shine Ha ha ha, according to the following are also a lot of photographers like I have no idea, your hands again ...... 

Suddenly everyone waved up and found that the big screen to the crowd photo, ha ha ha must join in the fun!  ! Please carefully carefully Kane, we have the most small-angle left in FIG. One pair kiss junior partner (in the landlord mad shy, ha ha ha ha !!), did not forget the photographic blue friends, really! ! 
Before heard students say that a landlord called Junior's is famous cheesecake, after the investigation found that it had a lot of stores, Grand Central Terminal, Brooklyn , Times Square, and done well, not just the bakery, also has its own restaurant. So I started in Times Square blanket search. It is easy to find, plus a really powerful landlord eyes find food, and soon buy it!! Oh yeah!  ! ! 


After buying his way home and was again defeated his eye! Suddenly she found her boyfriend heard tasty burger shop Shake Shack. Although have eaten so much, but passing through can not let go. (Yes we are the legendary food goods  ) 

At midnight, we ordered a shake (shake) a shack (sign in Hamburg . Boyfriend also bought a double, you te what your girlfriend really is never too fat Ah you, big brother! I really served but I still finished serving us really feel ashamed talking  ). Thus eating into the fifth day, which is number 24 on Christmas Eve. 
** Landlord Sui Suinian, New York, many restaurants are in Brooklyn made the fire, and then toManhattan and other places to open stores, such as Junior apos , Shake Shack. There are a lot of artists and arts district, too. As good, I want to go, to see yourself up. I think these two are big gimmick, eating it is good, but it's not as amazing as hearsay. 
Then I was going to write this, but I am sad reminder of the school soon, plus the fear that they will forget, so give yourself some coffee, all in one now friends! ! 
Fifth day ...... Chelsea, B & H, Chelsea Market, Highline, Christmas Eve dinner, rockefeller center. 
Breakfast was bought yesterday cheesecake plus own-brewed coffee. Since today is Christmas Eve, I say around her boyfriend longing for B & H, he thought Tim lens, I would say the way to send him a Christmas gift, but the story is always a surprise ha ha ha ha 
TIP: Like photography friends attention, B & H is the United States very cattle digital stores, of course, is to do business Jews apart. They'll go you will be impressed by a head for business. 
Your boyfriend shots were scary, so we gave up too unworthy, or after scouring second-hand bar. But he gave me pick a Christmas gift Ha ha ha, really do not want such a show of affection, you will forgive me now. 

** Landlord Sui Suinian, the self-timer artifact years long grass, but many times despised her boyfriend. Boyfriend said that as the landlord still like the camera (after all, been on photography class, curriculum, okay pro), but do not love lazy carrying SLR, especially with her boyfriend career as a model are (although leg squat point  ), So that the pocket camera is very suitable. 
Easy to carry, as well as WIFI and a series of powerful features. So once again the landlord fart bobbing accept, from the machine easy to countless Little Sisters, self-timer, making eating, baking beat cook very practical ha ha ha. Beside the point, in short, B & H recommended to you like photography. 
In B & H is a wait most of the day (of the Jews is to design as much as possible to let you in there shopping, then buy), come out, we rushed to her boyfriend to go Chelsea Market. 
When we go much faster closed, so shopping rush. Graphic recommend it. 

Christmas decoration inside is very beautiful, and of course my little camera, oh ha ha ha 

This Amy bakery must go Oh, good to eat. We bought a lot of big and small. 
Then went across a butcher shop to buy a piece of the good New York steak, because tomorrow many places are closed, so we intend to make their own Christmas dinner at host family (okay again stressed than hotels) 
Then move forward, he went to a seafood restaurant 

A Beia fresh oysters, live open spot to eat. While the wait for the next scheduled meal, but it is her boyfriend oysters control, your hands under three hundred ...... 
TIP: enter here, you will find a lot of people have bought a big red lobster sat down to eat. If you buy that you are too tourists. Real diners say, in fact, is really good a few dollars a bowl of lobster soup. This time to come up with you just in Amy 'S buy bread, dip it, start doing a really know how to enjoy the delicious local bar (you! See it important to do research  ) 

There is also a shop selling macarons, but unfortunately this is no love landlord. There are many interesting shops (perfume Ah, Chicago Shia, gift A ......), to discover it yourself. 
After walking back out, her boyfriend came to the need to go highline. (Older young artists really did not move) 
** Landlord Sui Suinian, highline is a very, very long footbridge, above the original railway freight, and later after the outage developers to tear down, but many artists insisted on staying, then get a lot of celebrity support, fundraising A a fund-raising what would finally insisted preserved, also decorated well. (A lot of online information, interested encouraged to feel) 
After the walk up is amazing! ! ! But the fact that a short super long! It must be pretty Kacha Kacha ~ 

It can be seen, before the railway lines are also 

Took many seating areas, see sit here in New York is very different 

Empire State Building, reappears 

From here down, we came to book in advance a good Christmas dinner, two people are the heart of the water in Spain feast ah ha ha ha ha! ! ! 
Socarrat Paella Bar ( New York, there are many stores Oh, recommended!) 

Squid ink paella. My goodness, seafood taste too sweet too strong, there is a little black careful mouth, rinse under the mouth after eating like Kazakhstan. 
FYI: with my new camera to shoot Oh, yes it ha ha ha. 
Satiated (boyfriend drank two glasses, tut!), We still around it. Take a look at Luoke Rockefeller Center's tree , Sixth Avenue. 
TIP: here 12 months a year is likely to be tree lighting activities, many people will come, because it is very beautiful and spectacular. 

Behind the building, there will be light projection show, and very pretty. 

Suddenly appeared, causing riots motorcycle Santa, pulling coax! ! 
New York started cold, gone will sit subway home. End Christmas Eve. 
Sixth day ...... brooklyn, brooklyn bridge, wall street, south ferry, christmas dinner. 
Christmas naive cold! ! The landlord put a big jacket, very warm and very comfortable. 
Since many places are closed, so we walked the Brooklyn Bridge today left channel. 
** Landlord Sui Suinian, the Brooklyn Bridge is built by a father and son. Dad design half died, his son then built, but in order to test how underwater unchanging what the result of injuries disability. But still every day the wife pushing wheelchairs to oversee the work. The opening day of what the mayor went to the scene of the event, he was low-key, said the whole these do, tell the public that the bridge can be just fine. Really low-key man. 
TIP: take the Brooklyn Bridge advice from Brooklyn went to Manhattan , because theManhattan side of the beautiful scenery, the camera will look good friends. 
We take the subway to Brooklyn after casually stroll to look in, very pretty. You can see the Statue of Liberty bridge far Kazakhstan.

** According to this point of the bridge The bridge is magnificent, oh, you do not have to wait until the bridge. 
The other is the distance the Manhattan bridge, her boyfriend has been saying that the colors are too retro good read. 

Bridge subway ride to Wall Street to finish glanced due to time constraints, flew immediately to the next ferry. 
TIP: Many see the Statue of Liberty ferry are free, but there is generally much free watch south ferry. Haha, that it. 
We could catch up with the most beautiful evening, the staff of US imperialism can endure thousands of knives, the wayward canceled the middle class, remorse! ! ! Took only put ashore. 

When we ship all dark! ! hate!  ! ! 
However, the only consolation is that, when I come back at night, and see the other side of Manhattan 's skyline. 
Mirador, good in New York , good and charming. 

Then we went home, her boyfriend did a super nice meal Christmas dinner. Dinner was beautiful, photo next update it. 
** Unknowingly I wrote a afternoon, and did not write the final day of shopping. I would like to adhere to the finish, but the next time again, to update it, to talk about a good shopping experience for the girls. 
Write your own do not meet the standards of travel, really ashamed! ! But I wanted to make a Sui Suinian own memories, travel a bit different experience, hoping to like-minded people like to have a reference. Well, today, right here.